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Chk this out..........really sad....

Brothers in Islam I am one of the many muslims who got hurt by Nike's ad
which shows muslims prostrating to a woman in one of their brand jeans.
Iwill remind you of what, the Company Nike did to muslims when they portray the name of Allah on one of their sports shoes.
The result was that Malaysia,Indonesia and the Gulf states including Saudi Arabia stopped importing Nike products. If you look carefully you will find that it was after that incident that Nike began to report earnings less than expected on the wall street which caused their stock price to tumble. The stock price has not recovered yet.
Check it for yourselves. You owe this to your shareholders. If this picture reaches the governments of some of those countries I bet the fate of our company will not be much different from Nike. I am emailing this letter to as many muslims I can. Thank you for reading this letter. P.S. to all muslim brothers and sisters who recieve this email, please email thisto as many people as you can Please donate 5 minutes of your precious time for the sake of Allah.
Syed Ali Zaidi


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