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Aga Khan University recognised with international award


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Aga Khan University recognised with international award
Karachi:Aga Khan University (AKU) has been presented with an international award for an innovative land use plan for a university village for its new Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) in Pakistan.

The Merit Award for Excellence in Planning for District or Campus Component was given by the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) to AKU and Goody Clancy, the planning consultants, during a ceremony at its annual conference in Minneapolis, USA on Monday.

The university village will be adjacent to liberal arts undergraduate and graduate professional schools campus being established by AKU in Education City, a collective of education and health institutions that will be set up by the provincial government 50 kilometres (km) outside Karachi, AKU spokesperson said.

As the first university village in Pakistan, it will create 500-plus acres of residential neighbourhoods, retail, service and entertainment facilities to support students, faculty and staff and their families from the university academic campus community, he added.

The university village aims to create an environment that can complement an international liberal arts university that will be unique in Pakistan and the region. It is meant to build a collaborative community of higher learning among people from diverse local and international backgrounds, he mentioned.

Meanwhile, the plan emphasises many types of residential units to meet differing family needs, neighbourhood centres linked by a pedestrian-oriented network of streets and lanes that encourage community life and outdoor spaces that serve recreational and social functions. Above all, it plans for a town that would expand individual choices and presents places that respond to people’s needs, he added.

In addition, the environmental sustainability challenges of a hot and arid site have also been met. Strategic use of the limited water supply, energy conservation through building form and natural cooling as well as landscaping using native plants requiring minimal water have all been integrated into the design. “We want to enrich our campus life by offering high quality places for its community to live, work, study and play. A community where open inquiry, interactive learning and dialogue supported by a broad-based education are

promoted,” says Karim Nurmohamed, Director General, Planning and Development of Campuses.

This is the second award for the FAS. In 2008, AKU and Payette Associates won an Honour Award for Excellence in Planning for a New Campus for the master plan for FAS, also from SCUP, AKU officials said.The news

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