Author Topic: Welfare Societies Quaid-e-Azam Medical College Pakistan  (Read 4428 times)

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Welfare Societies Quaid-e-Azam Medical College Pakistan
« on: August 23, 2009, 03:05:55 PM »
Welfare Societies Quaid-e-Azam Medical College Pakistan

These Aid Societies are nonpolitical students welfare charity organizations. These are run by young student doctors at the Quaid-e-Azam Medical College, Pakistan. Society are registered with Punjab Government. as well as with the Central Board of Revenue. All these are students' non-pollitical voluntary organization, constituted for the welfare of ailing and suffering patients and students, purely based on humanitarian grounds. Since there existence, these societies has doing all possible efforts to uplift the moral values of the suffers, ie. from providing Blood and Medicines to installation of Immunization camps in collaboration with the Philantrophist of this region & health department.
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 Helping Hands
 Humanity Service Society
This Society came into existence in 1983.This was formed to help the poor's and needy patients who came to Hospital.Subsequently area of operation was extended to whole of Bahawalpur division. Various Field camps (eye, Medicine,Blood collection) are organized to provide facilities to far flung areas.All activities are organized by donations from Doctors, students and generous people of the area. Society is Registered by Govt.(No. DD-BD/83/48)and donation are tax free.
 Qamc Care