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Date Sheet of GCU Faisalabad BA/B.Sc For Annual Examination-2011

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Tentative Date Sheet of BA/B.Sc For Annual Examination-2011 of Affiliated and Constituent Colleges
Timing From 02.00 p.m. to 05:00 p.m. and on Friday 03.00 to 06.00 P.m.

Date   Day   Class   Part   Course Code   Title of the Course
5/16/2011   Monday   B.A   l   Edu-301   Education (Elective)
      B.A/B.Sc   l   Eco-301   Economics (Basic Mathematics & Micro Eco)
      B.A   l   Eng-302   Egnlish Literature-I
      B.Sc   l   Chem-302   Inorganic Chemistry-l
      B.A   l   HPE-301   Health & Physical Eductaion
      B.A   I   JM-301   Journalism-l
5/17/2011   Tuesday   B.A/B.Sc   lI   Eco-401   Economics (Macro Eco & Eco Development of Pak)
      B.A   II   Edu-401   Education (Elective)
      B.A   II   Eng-402   Egnlish Literature-II
      B.A   lI   HPE-401   Health & Physical Eductaion
      B.Sc   II   Chem-402   Inorganic Chemistry-ll
      B.A   II   JM-401   Journalism-ll
5/18/2011   Wednesday   B.A   l   PB-301   Punjabi (Elective)
      B.A   l   LS-301   Library Science (Elective)
      B.A/B.Sc   l   Psy-301   Psychology
      B.Sc   l   Phy-302   Physics (Waves and Oscilations)
      B.Sc   l   Zool-303   Zoology (Animal Form & Funcion-I)
      B.A   l   Soc-301   Sociology (General Sociology)
5/19/2011   Thursday   B.A/B.Sc   II   Psy-401   Psychology
      B.A   II   PB-401   Punjabi (Elective)
      B.A   II   LS-401   Library Science (Elective)
      B.Sc   II   Phy-402   Physics (Modern Physics)
      B.Sc   II   Zool-403   Zoology (Animal Form & Function-ll)
      B.A   II   Soc-401   Sociological Theory Social Problems and Research
5/20/2011   Friday   B.Sc   l   Chem-301   Physical Chemistry – l
      B.Sc   l   Math-301   Mathematics-A Course-I
      B.A   l   Isl-301   Islamic Studies (Elective)
      B.A   I   His-302   History of Pakistan Movement (1858-1947)
      B.A   l   His-301   History of Islam (Holly Prophet to Pious Caliphate 570-660)
5/21/2011   Saturday   B.A   lI   Isl-401   Islamic Studies (Elective)
      B.A   lI   His-401   History of Islam (Modern Muslims Arab, world 1919-1970)
      B.A   lI   His-402   History of Pakistan (1947- to date)
      B.Sc   II   Math-401   Mathematics-A Course-ll
      B.Sc   Il   Chem-401   Physical Chemistry-ll
5/23/2011   Monday   B.A   l   ARB-301   Arabic (Elective)
      B.Sc   l   Stat-301   Statistics
      B.Sc   l   Bot-302   Botany (Plant Systematics, Anatomy & Dev)
      B.Sc   l   Phy-301   Physics (Mechanics)
5/24/2011   Tuesday   B.A   II   ARB-401   Arabic (Elective)
      B.Sc   II   Stat-401   Statistics
      B.Sc   II   Bot-402   Botany (Physiology & Ecology)
      B.Sc   lI   Phy-401   Physics (Electricity, Magnetism& Elect)
5/25/2011   Wednesday   B.A/B.Sc   l   Geo-301   Geography (Physical Geo)
      B.A   l   Pol-301   Political Science (Elective)
      B.Sc   l   Math-302   Mathematics B Course-I
      B.Sc   l   Zool-301   Zoology (Principles in Animal Life-l)
5/26/2011   Thursday   B.A   II   Geo-401   Geography (Human & Regional Geo.)
      B.A   lI   Pol-401   Political Science (Elective)
      B.Sc   II   Math-402   Mathematics B Course-II
      B.Sc   II   Zool-401   Zoology (Principles in Animal Life-ll)
5/27/2011   Friday   B.Sc   l   Math-303   Mathematics General-l
      B.Sc   l   Bot-301   Botany (Diversity of Plants)
      B.A   I   Urd-301   Urdu
5/28/2011   Saturday   B.A/B.Sc   lI   Math-403   General Mathematics – ll
      B.Sc   II   Bot-401   Botany (Cell Biology Genetics & Evolution)
      B.A   II   Urd-401   Urdu
5/30/2011   Monday   B.A/B.Sc   l   Com-301   Computer Science
      B.Sc   l   Chem-303   Organic Chemistry-l
5/31/2011   Tuesday   B.A/B.Sc   lI   Com-401   Computer Science
      B.Sc   II   Chem-403   Organic Chemistry-ll
6/1/2011   Wednesday   B.A   l   Eng-301   English For BA
      B.Sc   l   Eng-303   English For B.Sc
6/2/2011   Thursday   B.A/B.Sc   II   ISPK-305   Islamic Studies (Comp)
6/3/2011   Friday   B.Sc   l   Zool-302   Zoology(Animal Diversity-l)
      B.A   l   ARB-321   Arabic (Optional)
      B.A   l   Per-321   Persion (Optional)
      B.A   l   Comm-321   Comm.Skills (Optional)
      B.A   l   PB-321   Punjabi (Optional)
      B.A   l   URD-321   Urdu (Optional)
6/4/2011   Saturday   B.A/B.Sc   II   ISPK-305   Pakistan Studies (Comp)
6/6/2011   Monday   B.A   II   Eng-401   English-ll for B.A
      B.Sc   II   Zool-402   Zoology (Animal Diversity-ll)


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