Author Topic: Reorganization and Revitalization of Boy Scouts Association NWFP special commit  (Read 1432 times)

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Reorganization and Revitalization of  Boy Scouts Association NWFP special committee, constituted

PESHAWAR: The special committee, constituted for the reorganization and revitalization of Provincial Boy Scouts Association has finalized its recommendations to be placed before the next meeting of the Provincial Scouts Council. To discuss the recommendations, a meeting of the Special Committee was held here at Governor's House on Wednesday with Governor NWFP Owais Ahmed Ghani in the chair. The Chairman NWFP Boy Scouts Association Qaisar Alam, while giving the presentation said that the special committee, constituted in the Provincial Scouts Council meeting held in November last year was mandated to recommend measures for Reorganization and Revitalization of NWFP Boy Scouts Association; to review the composition of Provincial Scouts Council; to recommend changes to the existing bye-laws and to formulate recommendations for nomination of members of National and Provincial Scouts Council. Regarding composition of the Provincial Council, the committee has recommended to raise the number of its members to 45 to make it more relevant and professionally competent. The Provincial Council, as suggested will have sufficient representation from the bodies representing civil society, Non-governmental organizations, sports, environment and tourism. Under the new arrangements the FATA would also have adequate representation in the Provincial Council, where the respective Divisional Commissioners would nominate one member from each Division to represent the tribal areas falling in the domain of respective Division. Similarly the Old Scouts will also be represented in the Council through a process of selection on open merit amongst the willing candidates. The committee has recommended constituting a 4-member Finance Sub Committee, headed by Provincial Scouts Commissioner to maintain accounts and deals with other financial matters. Other recommendations pertain to Principal office bearers, their appointment, functions and powers; authorization of expenditure up to a limit of certain amount; procedure for making amendments in the bye-laws and the procedure to nominate members for the National Council. The Governor appreciated the efforts made by the committee in making useful recommendations for the reorganization and revitalization of NWFP Boy Scouts Association. He hoped that the reorganization process, when completed would make the Scouts movement in the province more vibrant, committed and meaningful and go a long way to transform the new generation into disciplined and useful citizens of Pakistan. While giving his assent to the recommendations, the Governor directed to properly formulate the new changes so that it could be placed before the next meeting of Provincial Council for further discussions and adoption.
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