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FIFTH YEAR Tuition Fee Punjab Medical College Faisalabad

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FIFTH YEAR Tuition Fee Punjab Medical College Faisalabad
« on: July 23, 2009, 12:20:35 PM »
FIFTH YEAR Tuition Fee Punjab Medical College Faisalabad
Tuition Fee                                   9522.00
Fee for Hospital Practice                   100.00
Rent for Microscope                           50.00
Subscription to Students room & Union  50.00
Subscription to Athletic Club               50.00
Special University Fee                        10.00
Clinical Card                                     50.00
Maternity Duty                                100.00
Class Examination Fee                        50.00
Benevolent Fund                                 5.00
Mosque Fund (For Muslims only)         120.00
Total                                                      10107.00

Note I:- The college fees would automatically be increased every year at least 15%.
Note II:- Students taking part in various sports clubs will pay additional subscription as fixed by the clubs.

Note III:- If the security deposited is not claimed within three years of leaving the college, the amount shall be credited to the Benevolent Fund.

Note IV:- In addition to the fee prescribed above, an admission fee of Rs. 200/- per head will be charged from new entrants to the first year and from all migrated or readmitted students.

Note V- Benevolent Fund shall be used to help the poor students.

Note VI- Principal of a college may determine the rates of College Students Fund and Mosque Fund etc. according to the local conditions but the revised rates shall not be less than the rates prescribed for the preceding Session.

5. A remanded student of any class, including final year will be charged fee @ Rs. 794/- per month. In addition, he will be charged a practical class fee of Rs. 50 per subject in, which he/she has to appear in subsequent examinations and hospital fee of Rs. 100. Students remanded twice in a class will pay Rs. 1587/- per month

6. Remission of fees:
(a) Remission of fees will be allowed by the Principal upto 10 percent of all students belonging to Punjab excluding remanded students (two half fee concessions are equivalent to one full fee remission). Remission of fee means only tuition fee. No other fee or fund will be refunded.
b). Remanded students will not be entitled for fee concession.
c) Application for fee remission must be submitted by the candidates along with a statement from first Class Magistrate stating the financial position of the applicant’s parent/guardian and from the Head of the Department in case of government servant. Remission will be granted on yearly basis on fresh applications invited every year.
(d). The grant of such remission will rest with the Principal and will depend upon the circumstances of a student, his general conduct, hard work and progress. Absence from or failure in professional or house examination, breach of discipline, neglect of studies or irresponsible conduct shall entail the loss of the concession.

7 Fee once paid shall not be refunded but in the case of students, who are prevented by illness or other reasons beyond their control during the year for which they have paid the fee, the Principal may direct that the whole or part of the fee be paid again for the year in which such student rejoins the college.

8. Any student who leaves the college with the object of continuing his/her studies elsewhere, may receive certificate of attendance and lectures on payment of fee at the following rates:-

a). In case of registered students who have passed the University Professional Examination in the subject for which certificates are required Rs. 100.00 for a combined certificate embracing all subjects and Rs. 30.00 for certificate for one subject.
b). In case of registered students who have failed to qualify the University Professional Examination, the fee is Rs.100.00 for each period of hospital instructions.

9. Students must attend at least 75 percent of lectures and practical classes to the satisfaction of the college authorities to enable them to obtain a certificate of attendance.
Deficiency in the attendance below the required percentage will entail forfeiture of the certificate of attendance


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