Author Topic: Loadshedding, hot weather compound students’ problems  (Read 2618 times)

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Loadshedding, hot weather compound students’ problems
« on: April 28, 2008, 09:38:40 PM »
Loadshedding, hot weather compound students’ problems

Monday, April 28, 2008
By Khalid Khattak


STUDENTS, especially those preparing for different examinations, are no doubt in hot waters these days because of the prevailing loadshedding and increase in temperature.

Most of them believe that both the factors are badly hampering their academic pursuits and they are wondering what would be the situation in the examination centres during the hottest season.

Matriculation Exam (Composite) has come to end while Matriculation Part-I (Class 9th) Exam has just begun.

A number of students talking to The News said the prevailing loadshedding and abrupt power failures were causing great troubles to them while increasing temperature was further aggravating the situation.

Sher Afgan, a student of class 9th, said, “It is unfortunate that students have to sit in exams during such a hot season,” adding, “Missing facilities and loadshedding at exam centres will certainly be the main features this year too.”

He further said students were disturbed and upset owing to the prevailing loadshedding as they could not prepare well enough for exams especially at night because of power failures.

Another student, Shahzad, said as compared to day, night was relatively a better option for students to prepare for exams but loadshedding at that time was almost playing havoc with them.

Farhan, another student, said, “I cannot sleep soundly because of prevailing loadshedding at night,” adding, “This is certainly going to affect my performance in the exams.”

He further said exams were real testing times for students, adding however, the prevailing loadshedding was almost like “adding fuel to the fire.”

Students of different MA programmes are also worried because of the continuing loadshedding, as their exams will be held in coming months.

Commenting on the issue, a teacher said that it was injustice that teachers were always blamed for poor results, adding one should consider all the factors responsible for this. “Don’t you think the prevailing loadshedding will affect students’ performance,” he questioned, adding, “In a way government itself will be responsible for poor results as it is not providing a favourite environment to the students.”

He further said that by changing academic session from March/April to August/September, exams had to be conducted in extreme summer, adding the change had been opposed widely but to no avail.

He was of the view that exams should be conducted when the weather was not so hot so that the students could have good preparations and could perform well in the exams.

Students and teachers have urged the government to ensure uninterrupted power supply especially at nights and during the exam time so that the students could perform well in the exams.