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DJ Science College A majestic Structure Defaced


DJ Science College A majestic Structure Defaced
Karachi :January 16: The majestic sandstone domed structure of the DJ Science College stands tall in the heart of Saddar. Its graffiti-laden boundary wall, however, has become nothing but an eyesore for students and passersby alike.
A welcome message is smeared across the wall in black paint; ‘Madr-e-Ilm ki dehleez pay naey anay walay bachon ko khushamdeed – Welcome all newcomers to the doors of knowledge.’ The sign underneath reveals that the greeting is extended by the Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT). A few steps away, a coaching centre advertises the facilities it offers.
Inside the gate, faded insignias of the ‘APMSO’ adorn the sand stone pillars. Attempts have been made to remove them, but have merely resulted in barely-visible signs and abhorrent white patches on the 19th century building.
Wall chalkings on this beautiful heritage building are an enormous loss. The college building was designed by British architect James Strachan during the colonial era,” said Dr Noman Ahmed, the chairperson of NED University’s Department of Architecture.
The unique sand stone building has 12 well-ventilated verandas, with domes to signify its skylight. The boundary wall was originally made of wrought iron. It not only added a touch of elegance to the entire structure but also ensured that building remained visible to passersby. It was converted to the present state much later and, to say the least, is nowhere near as elegant now,” he added.


Constructed in 1887, the college building was a gift to the city by Sindhi businessman, Diwan Dayaram Jethmal, after whom the college was later named.


There was time when the college was dominated by several student political groups. Those were also the worst days borne by the college’s ancient walls. “It was a fight for turf. Every student group would smear the walls with slogans. The next day, however, another group would paint its message over the rival’s,” said Prof Syed Maroof, who has taught in the college for thirty two years.


Things are relatively better now. Wall chalking is restricted to the outer boundary wall. Several attempts have been made to clean the actual buildings, mostly by whitewashing the black paint.
But Dr Ahmed laments that this is not the right way of cleaning up the historical structure. “Proper chemicals should be used to remove the paint. After the chemical is sprayed on, one can easily clean the paint with cotton.”
When contacted, the IJT was surprised to learn that their workers had damaged the college building. “Students resort to such activities when they are frustrated. When the media does not highlight the students’ problems, they write on walls to vent their feelings. However, in any case, we don’t ever support such activities,” said Sohaib Ahmed, an IJT spokesperson.The news.


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