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Title: Future Plans department of Pharmaceutical services Children's Hospital & the in
Post by: Abdullah gul on August 13, 2009, 09:52:42 PM
Future Plans department of Pharmaceutical  services Children's Hospital & the institute of Child Health, Lahore

    *Establishment of Oncology Pharmacy.
    *Aseptic Handling Unit for TPN & other aseptic services like antibiotic reconstitution services and Intravenous Fluid preparation for Nurseries, Aseptic unit Dose Dispensing.
    *24 hours Clinical Pharmacy Services for the Accident And Emergency wards
    *Extension of Drug Information Center so that this service can be provided through a 24 hrs toll free line not only to health professionals within the hospital but also to the people from outside the hospital.
    *Extension of Poison Control Service through round the clock toll free access lines
    *Initiating Pharm.D (Doctor of Pharmacy), a clinical degree in Pharmacy in the near future
    *To start Post-Graduate Diplomas in Clinical Pharmacy, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Pharmacotherapy and Onco-Pharmacy.