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Please help me in after ICS programs/courses.



please mujhe yeh bataye k ICS K bad pakistan main kon kon say programs/courses hain.aur during kia hay.aur faida kia hay.
Pleas es baray madad karn.

g mera masla bhe hal kardo main aap ka shukar guzar hn ga.

Ahris Abid:
Well since u have done ics so u can only go into the computer field which is good if u still want to go into this field and have interest.

Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS):

A Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) degree prepares you for employment in the vast world of computer software and hardware. Applications requiring computer science expertise are found in business, science, government and entertainment.

Coursework: (what u will study in this)
Microprocessor Interfacing for Measurement
Compiler Design
Computer Graphics
Data Communication and Computer Networks
Computer Hardware Maintenance
Operations Research Project Management
Microprocessor Architecture and Design
Programming Languages and Structures
Artificial Intelligence
Microprocessor Based Systems Design
Real Time Programming
System Modeling and Simulation

then u have different programs such as:
BS in Computer Science - Software Engineering
BS in Technology Management - Computer Science
BS in Technology Management (IT)

Usually composed of semester programs...u have 8 semesters = 4 years degree program (2 semesters/ year)
And u have 5,6 different subjects each semester according to the course program.

Thanks.Hope this will help you guys.

Ahris Abid:
You people can also join Pakistan Army as Technical Officers if you have interest in it. For further details visit:


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