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Title: Sindh Public Service Commission Controversial Exams
Post by: sb on March 15, 2017, 01:23:44 PM
Sindh Public Service Commission Controversial Exams
Sindh:March 15:The Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC) has been at the centre of controversy for the last six months – ever since it announced the results of the Combined Competitive Exam 2013 three years too late. Starting with the simple fact that it makes no sense for the results of an exam held in 2013 to take this long to be finalised, the case has exposed the nepotism and sheer incompetence at the helm of the SPSC. After the Supreme Court took suo motu notice of the reported irregularities in the exam, the first casualty it claimed was the chairman and members of the SPSC who were then removed last year.    On Monday, the SC declared the tests and interviews for the Combined Competitive Exam to be null and void. It has ordered the exams be conducted again and has also ordered the government to appoint new members and a chairman to the SPSC. The sheer numbers of anomalies that have been revealed through the arduous process have shown shocking levels of incompetence in the Sindh government – which has allowed the commission that selects all government employees assigned to the provincial administration to become tainted this way.
While the SC has recognised the plight of the applicants who will have to go through the application process once again, it was left with no choice. A public body such as the SPSC cannot be allowed to become controversial in this manner. With trust in public officials already low in Pakistan, this case has only confirmed suspicions of lack of transparency in government appointments. All appointments to public service positions in the provincial administration need to be made with transparency and utmost integrity. The logistical hassle for the 2,813 candidates who appeared in the exam will be eased by the fact that the age limit has been relaxed and they will not be paying the fee again. No new candidates will be allowed to appear. The SC’s decision is the right one. Public service commissions cannot be allowed to become embroiled in such controversy. They are responsible for making sure that only the best candidates are selected to serve the country. By requiring the SPSC to publically declare all written and interview grades, the SC has opened a way for the institution to restore its credibility through transparency. Transparency has to be key in major government appointments, including the CSS exams, where this year much was made of the very low pass percentage. It seems that lack of uniformity and clear procedures continues to mark the institutions responsible for selecting our bureaucracy. The SC judgement is as much a chance for the Sindh government as for other provinces and the federal government to sort out the problems with their respective public service commissions.The news.