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Australia a paradise for students.

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Australia a paradise for students.
« on: October 06, 2009, 07:05:24 PM »
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Australians are renowned world-wide for having a relaxed lifestyle and plenty of opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the countryside and beaches, as well as being able to benefit from a range of modern cosmopolitan cities. 

Australian Study Visas allow international students to travel to Australia and live in Australia while they undertake a full-time course of study. There are many different courses an international student may enrol in, and it is possible to apply for permission to work part-time while studying.

Here are some interesting facts about Australia:

    * Australia is the world’s smallest continent but sixth largest country, and is located in the Oceania region.
    * it has a relatively small population of just over 20 million, with most of this population located along the eastern and south-eastern coasts.
    * The capital of Australia is Canberra, located a couple of hours drive from Australia’s most well-known city Sydney.
    * Sydney and Melbourne are the largest cities in terms of size and population.
    * There is many universities in australia where you can take admission and fulfill your higher education dreams in Australia.Please click the following links to get more information about Australi and study visa.

Australian Education System

Australia has a great system of education ranging from primary and secondary schools to well established universities and technical colleges. Education is compulsory in Australia until the age of 15, and is divided into three stages; preschool, primary school and secondary school. The curriculum taught to all students is the same in most cases and it covers a wide variety of topics which are narrowed down towards the end of a students schooling life. This is because the last two years of secondary schools are the most important in terms of future university and career direction.

There are two different schooling categories to choose from:

    * Government schools provide free education, however most schools ask for a voluntary contribution to enhance their educational and extracurricular programs.
    * Private (non-government) schools charge fees ranging in cost depending on the type and reputation of the school.

Student Life in Australia

Australia offers international students the experience of their life time. Many people who come to Australia are attracted to employment opportunities available in Australia but this country has everything to offer to all who visit Australia either for study or for living permanently here. It offers open spaces, beaches, less expensive life style and wonderful Australian environment. Many regional areas have a strong cultural diversity with well established migrant communities.

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