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Echo Punjab Institue of Cardiology Lahore

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Echo Punjab Institue of Cardiology Lahore
« on: August 05, 2009, 01:35:28 PM »
Echo Punjab Institue of Cardiology Lahore

An Echocardiogram is a test in which ultrasound is used to examine the heart. It is a noninvasive cardiac imaging procedure used to diagnose heart disease, valve disorders (valvular heart disease), weakened heart muscle, fluid around the heart (pericarditis), and other abnormalities or defects by reflecting sound waves off the heart.
Echocardiography department at PIC started functioning in 1990. Presently 5 Color-Dopplers are fully functional. All modalities of Echocardiography such as Transthoracic Echo, Transesophageal Echo, Contrast Echo, Stress Echo and Carotid Doppler studies are being performed.
Second shift has also been started in the evening to cope with the increasing work load. Now the facility of Echocardiography is available in the morning and evening for OPD patient and round the clock for indoor patients. One diploma student and fellowship students are being trained in the department on routine basis. All doctors are provided the opportunity to being trained on Echocardiography in rotation.
The department caters for almost 350 Transthoracic Echo studies, 15-20 Transesophageal Echo studies, 10 Stress Echo studies and same number of Carotid Doppler studies per week. There are two dedicated Echo sessions for Paediatric Congenital Diseases per week. All these studies are carried out by experienced doctors. The department takes active part in hospital clinical training programs as well as in the clinical meetings. Following are the frequently performed procedures:
Transthoracic Echo.
Tranesophageal Echo.
Intra-operative Transesophageal Echo.
Contrast Echo.
Stress Echo and Carotid Doppler studies.
Tissue Doppler facilities. Based on TDI.
Myocardial wall motion studies like myocardial velocities and myocardial velocity gradients.
Acquisition and storage of Echo studies in digital format like DICOM and AVI as well as video tapes.