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Thallium Punjab Institue of Cardiology Lahore

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Thallium Punjab Institue of Cardiology Lahore
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Thallium Punjab Institue of Cardiology Lahore

A Thallium Scan is a test to estimate the amount of blood reaching the heart muscle during rest and exercise. It is typically done to determine the cause of unexplained chest pain or to determine the location and amount of injured heart muscle after a heart attack.
Stress thallium scans often involve making two sets of images: rest images and stress images. Rest images are taken while the person is at rest and stress images are taken after the heart has been stressed either through exercise (treadmill or bike) or by using a medication called adenosine, dipyridamole (Persantine), or dobutamine (Dobutrex). Then the resting images and the stress images are compared. Medication stress testing may be done instead of exercise stress testing for older adults and people with conditions that may make exercise difficult, such as those who are obese or those with COPD, peripheral vascular disease, spinal cord injury, arthritis, or multiple sclerosis.
Our Nuclear Medicine Department is conducting a complete range of nuclear medicine procedures with Prism 2000 Gamma Camera. Department is approved by the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Pakistan for FCPS training in nuclear medicine. It is also affiliated for M. Phil. Nuclear Medicine (postgraduate) training and actively involved in the clinical and radiopharmaceutical research.
To reduce the duration of Scan and patients waiting time, a second head was added to singly headed gamma camera.
Following services are being offered at Nuclear Medicine department:
Stress / Rest myocardial perfusion studies.
Gated Spect for perfusion and function.
Myocardial viability studies.
Infarct avid imaging.
MUGA Scan for LV /RV function.
First pass study for shunt analysis.
Lung perfusion / ventilation scans.
Dynamic renal studies.
DMSA renal scan.
MDP whole body bone scan.
Hepatobilliary imaging.
HMPAO brain Spect.
Thyroid Scans.
Parathyroid Scans.
MIBG Scan for pheochromocytoma.
Gallium whole body scans.
Labeled white cell scan for infection.
RBC study for GI Bleed.
Radionuclide venography
Salivary scans.
Adrenal scans for adenomas.