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CSS 30-year age limit demanded

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CSS 30-year age limit demanded
« on: May 31, 2010, 04:31:55 PM »
CSS 30-year age limit demanded

Lahore: The fresh university graduates have demanded of the maximum age limit for CSS examination as 30 years instead of 28 and minimum educational qualifications as Master degree.

In a statement they said that Civil Superior Service is highly prestigious job for every social and economic class of the society and currently introduced World Bank’s 10 points strategy for sustainable economic and administrative ability also recommended to improve education standard of civil service education.

It is better to increase the minimum qualification to Master degree and raise the upper age limit to 30 years. But certain restrictions by the former President Musharraf’s dictatorial regime had decreased the age limit to 28 years, which has already thrown thousands of well talented and educated brains out of this opportunity.

In India, which has far better bureaucratic structure, the minimum age limit for civil service jobs is 30 years. Pakistan has diversified historical legacies of all of the four provinces. And we have the different economical, social and educational standards. Moreover, our education system also hinder to complete education and to get guidance relating Civil Superior Services examination under the age of 28 years. Especially, those who are living in remote areas including aggrieved Balochistan, war torn Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Southern Punjab and far most areas of Sindh where lack of equal opportunities creating obstacle in getting quality education.

Asadullah Cheema a young graduate said that the present so-called democratic government including opposition’s stubborn behaviour is not much different than dictatorial martial law regime. Which seems to be interested only in their vested interests by reverting the decision of Graduation degree and permission of third time Prime Minister ship under 18th Amendment.

My question from President and Prime Minister is if they can revert such decisions on the voice of nearly one thousand members of assemblies then you don’t have the right to restrict thousands of economically poor but mentally enriched and greenish students in education from competing civil superior service having 30 years of age. Very apologetically my request to democratic government is to increase the maximum age limit to 30 years so that every educated person can be able to get this opportunity. In this way govt can also reduce the grievances of provinces also. The nation