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NED University hosts super-car exhibition

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NED University hosts super-car exhibition
« on: September 07, 2015, 10:49:14 AM »
NED University hosts super-car exhibition
KARACHI::07 September:There was an unusual sense of excitement at the NED University’s courtyard on Sunday. The large crowd of youngsters who had thronged to the venue was impatiently waiting for the show to kick off. The organisers, distinguishing themselves from visitors sporting event’s caps and IDs, were checking last-minute arrangements. Suddenly a blasting sound pierced the buzz of human voices, drawing everyone’s attention to the main entrance.

A red-coloured modified Toyota Celica rushed through the narrow runway. It made huge cracking sounds, each time the gas pedal returned to normalcy after reaching full throttle. The aura filled with the smell of burning rubber as the car, manoeuvring deftly throguh the cheering crowd, neared its station.

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The Celica coupe lift-back was among the hundreds of cars lined up in the automotive show at the NED University on Saturday evening. The show, the first of its kind at the varsity, was organised by students of the automobile engineering department.

Distinct categories were set for the cars, depending on their nature, as the event showcased the exotic, modified and vintage vehicles, said an organiser, Osama, explaining the significance of the event. “Since the organisers are from the automobile engineering department, the event aims to promote the culture of modification of a simple car into a sporty one as well as the preservation of old cars that are described as vintage,” he said.

Although the fondness of such cars would seem elitist, he added, it was liked by all and sundry, especially the younger generation. “It may be the result of movies such as The Fast and Furious,” he chuckled.

The crowd mostly comprised young boys and girls who seemed rather interested in knowing the cars’ specification than taking selfies beside them. A group of students who had especially come to the varsity, despite their day off, for the event maintained that the likeness of racing cars may look ‘cool’ but it was meant to be taken care of seriously. “Speed thrills, but it also kills,” said Palwasha, a girl in the group.

“It is a healthy sport, lest it encompasses all safety concerns,” she said, referring to accidents that were caused by over speeding. “There should be a circuit or at least a road specified for racing activities. It should not be allowed on main thoroughfares, ever. A racer does not only put his life at stake, there are others commuters too at risk.”

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A racer, Mehmud Ali Khan, who had brought his Celica fitted with a high-powered 2.5 IJZ-GT3 engine, supported Palwasha’s contention. “When you are on the road to race, you must be well versed with your vehicle’s control and braking system,” he said.

The event featured sports-cars such as Mazda RX8, Nissan Fairlady, Dodge Viper, rally cars including Jeep M7, Toyota Vigo and stock cars such as Bentley and BMWs.
Published in The Express Tribune, September 7th,  2015.
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