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AIMC Recommendation for Posting Termed Political

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AIMC Recommendation for Posting Termed Political
« on: January 13, 2014, 10:06:38 AM »
AIMC Recommendation for Posting Termed Political
Lahore :13 January: THE Special Selection Board of Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore, has recommended Dr Fouzia Ashraf, Associate Professor of Pathology, for appointment against a vacant post of Professor of Pathology (BS-20) at AIMC allegedly in violation of the principles of merit.
Dr Khalil-ur-Rehman Bhatti, Associate Professor of Pathology, AIMC, and a candidate for the said post, has alleged that SSB, during its meeting held on December 3, 2013, had short-listed her despite the fact that she didn’t possess the relevant qualifications and experience to become eligible to be appointed as Professor of Pathology - a grave injustice that allowed her to supersede him despite possessing relevant qualifications and experience in the subject.
In a letter addressed to Secretary Health, Dr Khalil-ur-Rehman alleged that Dr Fouzia Ashraf’s candidature had been recommended under political influence as she was the sitting MLA (Member Legislative Assembly), Azad Kashmir, and wife of former Punjab Health Minister Dr Tahir Ali Javed.


The letter, which is also forwarded to President of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC), Chief Minister/Health Minister, Chief Secretary, Provincial Ombudsman, Vice Chancellor, University of Health Sciences (UHS), Principal, AIMC, Head of Department of Pathology, AIMC, President, Medical Teacher Association (MTA), Punjab, President, Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), Punjab, President, Young Doctors Association (YDA), Punjab, and President, MTA, AIMC, pointed out certain objections over her eligibility, saying that Dr Fouzia Ashraf, PMDC Registration No 22498-P, had become member of AJK Assembly since 2011 without observing two-year mandatory ban on holding public office. She was performing her duties as government servant just before becoming MLA. Despite being an MLA, Dr Khalil alleged, she was also serving as full time professor in a private university in Lahore.
The letter said that she was a student of lower diploma in Clinical Pathology in Postgraduate Medical Institute, Lahore session 2003-04 and appeared in diploma examination of UHS held in April 2005 under Roll No 7. She did not succeed in securing the diploma. “She was appointed as Assistant Professor, AIMC/JHL in 2005 without adopting proper procedure,” it alleged.


Dr Khalil said how she got her MPhil degree in Pathology within a span of a few months is a mystery. He wondered how she got PMDC’s certificate of eligibility despite lacking in relevant qualification and teaching experience.


It is stated in the letter that she obtained PhD Molecular Biology in 2011 from Centre of Excellence Molecular Biology (CEMB), University of Punjab. The PhD programme of CEMB, Punjab University, is not approved by PMDC hence her degree is not register-able as a medical qualification. Furthermore, the title of her PhD does not fall under any discipline of Pathology i.e., Histopathology, Chemical Pathology, Hematology, Microbiology; subjects of Pathology which are listed for MBBS teaching.


As per PMDC Regulation, he contended that there was no requirement of faculty members with this qualification for MBBS classes.


Except her PhD in Molecular Biology, the letter says, she does not possess any level IIB/III qualification in Pathology, which is a requirement for the professorial staff of Pathology Department. Since doing her PhD in 2011, she has been serving as a public representative, and not teaching the subject of pathology at a medical college. “She cannot claim any teaching experience for this period,” the complainant believed.


He claimed that it is abundantly clear that Dr Fouzia Ashraf (PMDC No 22498-P) does not possess required level IIB/III qualification in relevant basic subject of Pathology and no valid teaching experience (minimum of 9 years teaching experience) as per PMDC Regulation to be appointed as faculty member in the subject of Pathology. He urged the Secretary Health not to consider her for this vacancy and urged to appoint a properly qualified doctor with requisite teaching experience as Professor of Pathology at AIMC. When contacted for a version, Dr Fouzia Ashraf’s mobile phone number, available on AJK Assembly’s website, didn’t respond. Former Punjab Health Minister Dr Tahir Ali Javed also didn’t respond to the call.
Talking to The News, AIMC Principal Prof Dr Mahmood Shaukat, who also headed the Special Selection Board, rejected the charge of ignoring merit in recommending Dr Fouzia Ashraf for the post, saying that PMDC had awarded her certificate of eligibility for appointment as Professor of Pathology. However, he said he had attached the dissenting note of Dr Khalil-ur-Rehman along with the Board’s recommendation of Dr Fouzia for the said post in addition to PMDC’s eligibility certificate. When asked whether CEMB’s PhD programme was approved by the PMDC, he said that Dr Faridoon, who was serving in King Edward Medical University, also possessed the same degree. He said that SSB had recommended the most suitable candidate for the post as she had helped develop PCR Lab at AIMC, while the other candidate didn’t have any prominent credentials to his credit. He claimed that Dr Fouzia had also given an undertaking of resigning from the AJK Assembly for appointment to the post.The news.
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