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General Information Role of Skilled And Technically Trained


General Information Role of Skilled And Technically Trained

Keeping in view the key role of skilled and technically trained manpower in overall national economy, NAVTEC under the Prime Minister’s Initiative for Skills Development is organizing these short courses in collaboration with reputed public and private sector technical and vocational training institutes.

·    All participants get a monthly stipend of Rs. 1000/- per month for the duration of the course

·    The courses are offered free of charge

·    After attending these courses, participants get chances of getting a gainful employment in Pakistan or overseas.

·    All these courses are advertised in the national media.

·    The training institute at the cities at which the candidate applies shall inform the successful applicants.

·    If there is no announcement for a course that you wish participate in, then submit application form to our nearest NAVTEC Regional Office. Addresses are given in the "Directory" portion of our website.  Download application form to apply for a course

(Note: NAVTEC is not a training provider. However, these short courses for skills development are organized in collaboration with the best training institutions to fill the skills shortage.)
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