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Islamia College building issue


Islamia College building issue

Karachi: The government of Sindh was not made a party in the Islamia College building issue, said a spokesman for Sindh chief minister. in a press release issued on Monday the spokesman said: "The matter is of rent issue in which the trustees of the college had filed a rent case before the Rent Controller for recovery of rent of the building and vacation of the premises." He said that the Education Department had filed a petition in the Sindh High Court (SHC) against the order of the Rent Controller and one hearing in the case had already taken place. The spokesman further said that there was no imminent danger of the vacation of the complex.

The plot thickens for Islamia College
Karachi: More developments are expected to take place in the on going Islamia College building complex matter as Rabia Javeri, Secretary to the Governor Sindh on Education will meet the Principal of the Islamia Law College to discuss the legal aspects of aforesaid property. Javeri has already called on senior trustees of the Islamia Education Trust (IET) as the former was briefed about the status of trustees on Monday.

According to sources Javeri met the senior trustees of IET and was briefed about the status of all trustees. She was shown all the legal documents while the trustees also requested her to insure the termination of official assignee (the assumed owner of the trust).

The sources also revealed that the Governors' secretary will now meet with the Principal of the Islamia Law College to discuss the legal aspects of the trust and the building's ownership. Islamia College was served with a six month notification by a lower court that directed the management (Sindh Government) to either clear the outstanding dues or vacate the building. A few days before the expiry of the court notice the students and teachers of Islamia Science College and other institutions operating in the same building started protests while the Sindh Government also filed a Constitutional Petition in the Sindh High Court against the former notice of a lower court. The News


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