Post Matric Study and Training


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[1] اینٹی نارکوٹکس فورس ، امتحانی مرکز سے ، کسی اور کا پیپر دیتے دو افراد گرفتار

[2] KIT Admission Schedule Changed

[3] Many Trainings with Discount

[4] KRL Institute of Technology Kahuta

[5] Computer / IT / Office Automation

[6] دو سالہ لائیو سٹاک اسٹنٹ ڈپلومہ کورس

[7] Polytechnic Education after Matric

[8] Primary Teaching Certificate (PTC) پی ٹی سی كورس

[9] General Information Role of Skilled And Technically Trained


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