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Regulations relating to expulsion Punjab Medical College Faisalabad

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Regulations relating to expulsion  Punjab Medical College Faisalabad

(i) Expulsion whenever imposed on a college student shall mean the loss of five calendar years and will mean his/her being debarred from the university examination during the period of his/her expulsion.
(ii) A student expelled from a college shall not be readmitted before the expiry of the period of his expulsion.

(iii) Cases of expulsion shall be reported to the university by the Principal concerned for registration and notification.

5. A student shall continue to be under the disciplinary jurisdiction of the Principal of the college till the declaration of the result of final professional MBBS examination.

6. The students of the college shall not keep in their possession firearms and other weapons of offence in the premises of the college, college hostels and attached hospitals. Disciplinary action shall be taken against the students found guilty of contravention of this rule.

7. The Principal is competent to remit fines and punishment imposed as fine.

8. The decision of the Principal in all cases shall be considered as final.   


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