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ALUMNI SECTION Punjab Medical College Faisalabad

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ALUMNI SECTION Punjab Medical College Faisalabad
« on: July 23, 2009, 12:45:35 PM »
ALUMNI SECTION Punjab Medical College Faisalabad                 

 Fill the form and be part of it


                  Punjab Medical College is famous for its beautiful building, greenery which includes beautifully built gardens containing flowers and trees of almost all sorts. The campus is one of its types. The best thing about the campus is the corridor which has become more of a land mark. One can get a clear view of the college including all the departments while standing at one corner, looking at the other. We get out of the hostel, cross the Sargodha road, enter the gate, take a few steps, and we first of all come across the Dissection Hall, then comes the Anatomy Cage, to its left is the gate for the Anatomy Department and to its right is the entrance for Forensic and Community Medicine Department. Reaching the middle of the corridor gives us a view of Physiology Department (left) and Bio-chemistry Department (right). Moving still further makes us stand in the middle of Pharmacology Department (left) and Pathology Department (right). Then comes the Admin Cage, to its left is the Library and Computer Resource Lab and to its right is the Administration Block. We take a route for the Café passing from in between the Pathology and the Bio-chemistry Departments, to its left is the Bus Stop and to its right is the Examination Hall. Going straight would lead us to the Allied Hospital.

                      The purpose for describing this whole map of the college is that once we are graduated we remember all these things, the college, the events like sports day, different conferences, different days being celebrated, our teachers, our colleagues, our friends, class fellows, juniors, seniors, staff members, everybody. PMC Alumni provides a plat form, using which one can again gain access to the beautiful past he or she has been through. All the information regarding all the Doctors who have graduated from Punjab Medical College becomes available through this organization. Doctors who have graduated from PMC and are now abroad, if want to stay in touch with, what is happening in PMC, can easily get connected using this plat form. PMC Alumni provides grounds for the graduates of PMC to come forward and contribute to the betterment of the standards of Punjab Medical College and Allied & DHQ Hospitals.

The Aims & Objectives of PMC Alumni include:

·    A worldwide communication between the PMC graduates.

·    Celebration of the Annual Foundation Day held on March the 18th

     along with organizing scientific sessions.

·   Arranging Awareness sessions for the betterment of the society.

·   The fresh graduates of PMC are helped in their career planning.

·   The existing departments of PMC are facilitated by arranging lectures,     workshops and improving the available technology.

·   Adding to the dignity of the institution by appreciating the work of alumni members all over the globe.

The regulating body includes the following members:

President: Dr. Ijaz Hussain Shah

Vice President: Dr. Javed Iqbal

General Secretary: Dr. Khurram Sohail Raja

Finance Secretary: Dr. Akram

Information Secretary: Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed Dogar

Form available here ,fill it and be part of PMC Alumni


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