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Repair work of schools Zargari and Shinawari, villages of Hangu. completed in Peshawar.

PESHAWAR: Badly damaged by the military operation against the militant, the government of Pakistan has completed the renovation and repairing work of two schools in Zargari and Shinawari, villages of Hangu. This would directly benefit a targeted population of approximately 800 children. According to a Press Release issued by Special development unit P&D, that community elders and residents identified the rehabilitation of these schools as a top priority of the area. These schools were damaged during the operation. With the damage caused to the schools, children of the area are unable to attend school and parents are concerned about the future of their students. Therefore the District administration directed to start immediate repair work in these schools. The majority of the children of the local residents were studying these schools, so the depleted condition of the schools had a direct affect on the community. During the work completion ceremony, Head Master of the Government High School Shinawari, along with other community members appreciated the work. They said "We are very grateful to the district administration for their care and dedication towards the improvement of the infrastructure of the schools. This will pave the way for the students of the area to achieve education in a better environment, as well as resulting in an improved social standard of living". During the work completion ceremony, the District Coordination Officer (DCO) Syed Mujeeb ur Rahman said that Illiteracy is the root cause behind terrorism and extremism in the country and the government is committed to provide quality education to every citizen to maintain peace and stability in the region. He further informed that government is committed to provide basic facilities not only to every district of the province but also to the every village of the area. He said that the quality education was the critical substance required for the expansion of knowledge leading towards the progress and prosperity of our country. The importance of Higher
Education could not be denied for the progress in the country and realizing its important government is paying special attention to this sector. F.P. Report
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