Author Topic: Samajee Behbood Rabita Council Peshawar organised  (Read 1345 times)

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Samajee Behbood Rabita Council Peshawar organised
« on: March 09, 2009, 03:59:50 PM »

 Samajee Behbood Rabita Council   Peshawar organised seminar.Women still deprived of property share

SWABI: By a well calculated conspiracy and greed of the men have deprived the womenfolk from their share in the property across the Pukhtun society. This was stated by the speakers while expressing their views in one-day seminar on "We Can End Violence Against Women" here on Saturday. The Samajee Behbood Rabita Council (SBRC) and Oxfam organised the seminar. The women belonged to different welfare bodies attended the seminar of the district change-maker assembly and the Awami National Party MPS Dr Yasmin Jaseem was chief guest and Saira Shakir, acting chairman of the Public Safety Commission, was guest on honour on the occasion. They participants said that honour killing has been increasing in our society and the domestic violence had reached to an alarming proportion due to different factors and weakness in the society. Dr Yasmin said that the women enjoy a complete share in their parent property and that right is given to them by our pious religion Islam but that principle was hardly implemented in our society and the females were deprived from their right in family property. Both their fathers or brothers refuse to give them share and this issue led to enmity among a number of families, she said. "Here the male ignore the principles of Islam. When our religion gives them the right then why they were deprived from their share," she questioned. She said that in our man dominated society much more weight has given to the male child as compare with the girl and even the birth of the latter was not welcomed like the former. The women should be set free from the domestic violence because it leads to the disturbance of the whole family structure and even the violence habits transferred to the children. "A peaceful family could produce calm and clever children and a disturbed family would transfer their habits to their children," she said. Saira Shakir said on the occasion that we could not make real progress till giving a due place to the women in our society. She said that in the Pukhtun society the girls engaged and then married with complete honour and dignity and such tradition and value of the females could hardly be found in other societies. In addition the females were considered the dignity of their families by the males and no one is allowed to harm that. To uphold their honour many killing incidents occurred in our society and the Pukhtun always fought with their fellow Pukhtuns whenever anyone tried to harm the honour of their women, she said. However, she said that still there are a number of flaws in our societal structure which need hardwork and joint efforts to come over them. She said that the dejected women could approach her and she would represent them free of cost in courts. "If any female faces any problem she could approach her," she declared. F.P. Report
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