Author Topic: India arrests IHK teacher for exam on unrest  (Read 4979 times)

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India arrests IHK teacher for exam on unrest
« on: December 11, 2010, 02:26:01 PM »
India arrests IHK teacher for exam on unrest
SRINAGAR: Police arrested a college lecturer in Indian-held Kashmir (IHK) on Friday on the charges that he gave his students some questions during an examination which criticised India’s crackdown on demonstrations in the disputed region. India considers it illegal to question the country’s claim to the region. For five months this summer, at least 111 people, mostly young men, were killed in clashes with government forces and hundreds were arrested. The examination was written by Noor Mohammed Bhat which included questions such as, “Are the stone pelters real heroes? Discuss.” It also asked students to translate these Urdu text into English: “Kashmir is burning once again. Bullets are being pumped into the chests of even girls and women. People in villages and towns are crying in pain. Rulers continue to be in a deep slumber. It appears they’ve turned dumb, deaf and blind.” Police arrested Bhat on accusations of “spreading disaffection against the state,” said Shiv Murari Sahai, a top police officer. He was also accused of promoting secession. The charges carry a seven year prison sentence. The students were perplexed by the examination. “First we thought that this was a new technique by (intelligence) agencies to trace what the youth are thinking and a trap for us,” said Mubashir Ahmed, one of the students. “I was apprehensive but I finally answered the questions.” app