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Al-Khair University Islamabad No degree acceptable after April 30 Higher Educati

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Al-Khair University Islamabad No degree acceptable after April 30 Higher Education Commission

ISLAMABAD: The participants of the 18th meeting of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) on Saturday expressed reservations about continued ‘substandard operation’ of Al-Khair University.

A press release said to safeguard interests of students and ensure provision of quality education in Pakistan, the HEC had directed that Al-Khair University must stop all new admissions and that the commission would not recognise any degree issued to students by the university after April 30, 2009.

Al-Khair University, with a charter issued by government of the AJK, was not legally authorised to open any campus, grant affiliation or have franchises in any area of Pakistan unless it had got approval from government of the province concerned in addition to having academic jurisdiction in that particular area, it said.

It said the HEC had been forced to take the decision not to recognise the degrees issued to students admitted to Al-Khair University after April 30, in light of the fact that the university had not established a proper main campus in AJK that was the minimum requirement as per Cabinet Criteria and guidelines for establishment of a new university.

It said the university was offering degree programmes in professional disciplines such as law, pharmacy, electrical engineering, homeopathy etc and was not meeting the minimum criteria for accreditation.

Over the years, the AJK president had also directed the university to meet the standards set for quality education, build the infrastructure required and hire necessary faculty members, it said.

It said these critical issues had not been addressed by the university leading to the decision of the commission not to accept future enrolments into any academic programmes of Al-Khair University.

To ensure that the students currently enrolled in this university did not suffer, the commission had constituted a committee to address the issue. Daily Times
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        Want to share some new information hope you guys gonna like it

       New up dates about AL-KHAIR UNIVERITY (newly updated website)
The University has succeeded to get Stay Order from Islamabad High Court as on 07-06-2009.  Against HEC in response to its Advertisement in different news papers regarding the matter that the students who will get admissions by and after 30 April 2009, the HEC will not accept their degrees.
"The Main Campus Mirpur has been recently revamped qualitatively upgraded by inducting highly qualified and experienced management and professional faculty to manage and run the University on sound and efficient footings and raise its stature as a Center of Excellence. The Campus is deeply dedicated to create intellectually conducive academic environment and attract best possible talent for its faculty. It is located at Kotli Road Mirpur AJK and it is the only Constituent Campus of the University"

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                            HEC VISIT OF AL-KHAIR UNIVERSITY

On September 30, 2009 the Higher Education Commission (HEC) held an inspection Visit of Al-Khair University, Main Campus situated in Mirpur, AJK. A most Senior Panel of renowned personnel lead this visit, the Vice Chancellor of AJK University Dr. Habib-ur-Rehman, the Additional Secretary President AJK Ms. Midat Shehnaz & one of the leading

personnel of HEC Mr. Javed Khan. The Visit remained a success story; all the Visitors were impressed by observing a marvelous dynamic change, the change management from previous years, highly qualified Faculty, Well equipped Labs & a resource Center, full furnished lecture rooms. Above all, best coordination among the management, faculty, and the students. The rumors against Al-khair University have finally proved to be wrong and Al-Khair University is encouraged by HEC to work on its valuable standards.

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    Guys here are some new up date about AL-KHAIR UNIVERSITY
The students of AL-khair university can get there DMC & DEGREES attested by HEC
Degrees / Transcripts / Diplomas Verification and Attestation Procedure
The attestation of Degrees / Transcripts / Diplomas awarded by the Al-Khair University (AJK) from Higher Education Commission (HEC)

FIRST PHASE (Verification of degrees / transcripts / diplomas from Al-Khair University (AJK))

   1. Fill out the verification form of Al-Khair University (AJK)
   2. Attach required documents. (NIC copy, 2 copies of degrees / transcripts / diplomas)
   3. Attach receipt of payment of verification fee.
   4. The verification form submitted to the Dy. Controller Examination at Camp Office, Islamabad.


NOTE:            You can obtain verified original degree/transcript/diploma, photocopy and a verification letter from the Dy. Controller of Examination.

SECOND PHASE (Attestation of degrees / transcripts / diplomas from HEC)

1. Fill out the online application form.
2. Reserve your time for attestation.
3. Attach all required documents.
4. Attach receipt of payment of processing fee.
5. Original certificates/degrees from Matric onwards along with transcripts of degrees.
6. Photocopies of certificates and degrees from Matric onwards.
7. Attach equivalence of HEC in case of Bachelor or Master Degree from abroad.
8. Copy of National I.D. Card.
9. In case of absence of degree holder, attach authority letter duly attested by a grade 17 officer for authorized person.
10. Copy of I.D. Card of authorized person.
11. In case a degree has not been issued kindly supply a verification letter from Controller of Examinations of the concerned University for attestation of Detailed Marks certificate/Transcripts.
This would be applicable to the students who passed their degree programme during last 3 years.
12. Fee for attestation:
o Original document Rs.400/- (each)
o Photo copy Rs.200/- (each)
13. The degree/transcript can also be attested through M/S Gerry’s/FedEx courier service. The charges are as under:
o Islamabad Rs.200/- (For one student attestation) excluding HEC attestation fee
o Rest of Pakistan Rs.300/- (For one student attestation) excluding HEC attestation fee
o International charges (Rs.2200/- for one student excluding HEC attestation fee
14. Requirements For Attestation Of PhD Degree
o   A copy of resolution of Board of Advance Studies & Research
o (BASR) showing approval of topic of research and appointment of Guide(s)/Supervisor(s)
o  Copy of notifications by university confirming public defense & award of degree
o  Copy of Thesis/Dissertation

Please open the below link for the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM of HEC

Online Application Form of HEC .


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