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Administrative Setup of the College

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Administrative Setup of the College
« on: April 06, 2009, 10:08:18 PM »
Administrative Setup of the College

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Asghar Choudhary    M.Phil (UK) Ph.D (UK)
Vice Principal    
Prof. Dr. Abid Zia    M.Sc (UK) Ph.D (UK)
Dean, Faculty of Science    
Prof. Dr. M. Akhtar Hussain Anasri    Ph.D (Physics)(UK)
Dean, Faculty of Arts    
Prof. Dr. Akhter Perviaz    M.A Ph.D

Admission Board    

1.Prof.Dr.Abid Zia    Convener
2.Mr.Muhammad Riaz (Stat)    Secretary
All the conveners of the Admission sub-committees will    
also server as member of this board.    
Students Affairs Committee    
1.Prof.Abdul Qayyum (Botany)    Convener
2.Prof. Dr. Akhter Perviaz    Member
3.Mr.M.Akbar Chishty    Member
4.Mr.Mian Muhammad Akram    Secretary
Proctorial Board    
1.Mr.M.Akbar Chishty    Chief Procter
2.Mr.Muhammad Anwar    Dy. Chief Procter
Note: There are eight other faculty member of the Board.    
Security Committee    
1.Mr.Badar-uz-Zaman    Convener
2.Mr.Karrar Ali Bokhari    Member
3.Hafiz Abdul Hamid    Care Taker
Estate Management Committee    
1.Mr.Badar-uz-Zaman    Convener
2.Mian Arshad Ali    Member
3.Mr.Karrar Ali Bokhari    Member
4.Hafiz Abdul Hamid    Care Taker
Mosque Committee    
1.Mian Muhammad Akram    Convener
2.Muhammad Arshad    Secretary
3.Mr.Javed Iqbal Lodhi    Member
College Burser    
1.Mr.Babar Masood Mailk    
2.Mr.Zafar Iqbal    
3.Mr.Umar Farooq Qureshi    
Time Table Incharge    
1.Mr.Babar Masood Mailk    
Hostel Committee    
1.Mr.Mian Muhammad Akram    Warden
2.Mr.Muhammad Arshad    Superintendent
Tutorial Board    
1.Prof.Abdul Qayyum (Botany)    Chief Tutor
2.Dr.Pervaiz Khursheed (chem.)    Sr. Tutor (Science)
3.Mr.Asif Humayum Qureshi    Sr. Tutor (Arts)
Controller of Examinations    
1.Dr.S.Kazim Hussain Naqvi    Controller
2.Syed Wajahat Ali Bukhari    Dy. Controller
Sports Board    
1.Mr.Imtiaz Ahmad Khan    Chairman
2.Mr.Arshad Ali Mian    Secretary
Scholarship/Fee Concession Committee    
1.Mr.Abdul Qayyum (Pol-Science)    Convener
2.Mr.Rana Izhar Ahmad Shahid (Phy.)    Member
3.Mr.Hamid Hussain (Chem.)    Member
College Transport Committee    
1.Mr.Abdul Qayyum (Pol-Science)    Member
Societies Board    
1.Mr.Riaz Qadeer (Urdu)    Convener
2.Mr.Shakeel Abbas Zaidi (Urdu)    Secretary
3.Mr.Javed Iqbal Azad (Eng)    Member
4.Mr.Arshad Ali Mian    Member
5.Mr Asad Ayub Niazi (Urdu)    Member
All Incharge of Societies will server as member of the board.