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Protests Against Principal in Kinnaird College

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Protests Against Principal in Kinnaird College
« on: April 15, 2010, 02:01:20 PM »
Protests Against Principal in Kinnaird College

LAHORE: A large number of Kinnaird College (KC) faculty members and students on Wednesday launched yet another protest against the college principal and the former registrar and demanded the KC Board of Governors (BoG) to remove the principal from office.

KC teachers and students alleged Dr Bernadette Louise Dean was involved in corruption, claiming that she – along with former KC registrar Dr Naima Khurshid – earned money through granting students ‘illegal admissions’. The protesters maintained that they would continue the demonstrations until the principal is removed from office.

Pre-planned: According to sources, the protesters had specifically planned the demonstration on April 14 as they had caught wind that the KC BoG members – including BoG Vice Chairman Eric Massy and Sajida Vandal – would be present on campus. Shouts of “Go Dean go” echoed across the campus as the protesting students and teachers carried a demonstration in front of the principal’s office where some BoG members were holding a meeting with the college’s finance committee.

Skipping lectures: The KC principal, however, claimed that the teachers leading the protest were in the “habit of skipping lectures and classes” and she had bound them to take all required classes, which is why they had launched the protest. The former KC registrar also refuted the protesters’ allegations, saying that none of the inquiries against her had been able to prove her involvement in granting illegal admissions. Dean said the protesting teachers were creating a scene just because she had made it explicitly clear that they would not be able to cut classes anymore. She said only a small fraction of students participated in the protest. staff report