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LHC directed FPSC to conduct the CSS exams in Urdu

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LHC directed FPSC to conduct the CSS exams in Urdu
« on: February 22, 2017, 01:50:25 PM »
LHC directed FPSC to conduct the CSS exams in Urdu
Lahore:February 22:The LHC has directed the FPSC to conduct the CSS exams in Urdu from 2018. This decision is a step taken to promote the national language, but there are some loopholes in the judgement. The question arises: Is this step taken to provide a chance to those who do not have enough capacity to master the English language and pass the CSS exam or is it to promote the Urdu language?

Last year, a majority of candidates failed in the English essay paper. Now, if the examination can be taken in Urdu while the English essay paper is mandatory, desirable results might not be achieved. In all education institutions across the country, the medium of instruction is English. So if the decision is taken to improve the success rate, it will certainly not help.
This refers to the letter ‘The language question’ (Feb 16), by Muhammad Mukhtiar Shah. The writer has rightly argued that the likely switch of the CSS exams to the Urdu language might cause tremendous difficulties to candidates. It will need many years to shift the official language to Urdu. The main hurdle is that candidates are not well versed in the technical vocabulary of Urdu.

Candidates will hardly rely exclusively on Urdu to answer the questions in the examination. A mixture of terminologies will give rise to ambiguity and confusion. The examiners will find it difficult in marking the papers because of variability in the language proficiency of candidates.Dr Najeeb A Khan Islamabad .The news.
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