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Title: National Aptitude Test NAT For Admission to BA/BSc 4-Year Hons. Degree Programme
Post by: AKBAR on May 03, 2008, 06:41:23 PM
  National Aptitude Test (NAT)

For Admission to BA/BSc 4-Year Hons. Degree Programme

Academic Session 2008-1012

All candidates interested in admission to BA/BSc 4-Year Hons. Degree Programme in GC University Lahore for the academic session 2008-2012 are required to fulfill the following conditions:


    *      They should have passed their Intermediate Examination in first annual 2007 & first annual 2008 with at least 50% marks or A-Level/ Grade 12/ Equivalent.
    *      Both male/female candidates are encouraged to apply.
    *      The National Aptitude Test (NAT) by NTS mandatory for admission to BA/BSc 4-Year Hons, Degree Programme in GC University Lahore.
    *      The NAT by NTS is scheduled on 22nd June, 2008 and the application form is available on the NTS website: 

For further details, please contact on: (042) 111-000-010, (Ext) 210, 418.
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Title: Introduction
Post by: AKBAR on May 03, 2008, 06:42:32 PM

The Department of Computer Science, Govt. College, Lahore started in 1999 in a purpose built beautiful building. The department has air-conditioned classrooms and computer laboratories. The I.T. center with NT based network of 23 computers has been used for courses offered by Punjab Information Technology Board and G.C. as a part of their computer literacy program. It is now available to students. Two fully equipped multimedia laboratories each consisting of 50 latest computers, servers and other peripherals such as scanners, CD-writers, heavy duty dot-matrix and laser printers are available for BS(CS)  students. A separate laboratory consisting of 40 computers has been established for postgraduate students. A hardware lab has been established in the Centre for Advanced Studies in Physics.

Rules & Regulations for Bachelor of Computer Science-BS(CS)

1-BS (CS) Honours Degree Program is spread over four years, divided into eight semesters.

2-Each semester is of 18 weeks duration consisting of 16 weeks for teaching and two weeks for the examinations.

3- The program of study has been specified in the curriculum.

4- The medium of instruction for all courses is English.

5- Deserving students selected on merit are offered financial assistance.
Title: Eligibility Criteria
Post by: iram on May 03, 2008, 06:49:28 PM

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant (Male/Female) applying for admission in BS(CS). The applicant must fulfill the following criteria for admission to BS (CS):

a.     Intermediate or equivalent with minimum  55%  marks


b.     A-Levels having minimum  B Grade
Title: Selection Criteria
Post by: AKBAR on May 03, 2008, 06:50:52 PM
Selection Criteria

Admission will be strictly made on the basis of the score obtained in the Entry Test and the Academic Record. Entry Test Fee is Rs. 400/- which is to be deposited at UBL, GC University Branch Lahore.
Title: Time Schedule
Post by: iram on May 03, 2008, 06:51:46 PM
Time Schedule

The fall semester of each academic year will commence in September/October and the spring semester in March/April of the calendar year. Examination results will be declared within four weeks of the conclusion of the final examination.
Title: Fee Structure
Post by: AKBAR on May 03, 2008, 06:52:25 PM
Fee Structure

Semester   Admission Fee Rs.   Tution Fee Rs.   Library Security (Refundable)   Development Fund Rs.   Total Dues for Semester Rs.   Total for Complete Course

1st   12,000      20,000      Rs. 1,500         1,000         36,000         Rs. 183,000

2nd   20,000      1,000      21,000         

3rd   20,000      1,000      21,000

4th   20,000      1,000      21,000

5th   20,000      1,000      21,000

6th   20,000      1,000      21,000

7th   20,000      1,000      21,000

8th   20,000      1,000      21,000
Title: Curriculum
Post by: AKBAR on May 03, 2008, 06:54:10 PM

S. No.   Courses         Credit Hrs

 1   Introduction to Computers   4

 2   Programming Fundamentals   4

 3   Electronics      3

 4   Calculus & Analytical Geometry   3

 5   Pakistan Studies and Islamic Studies   3

 6   Communication Skills      3

Total= 20



S. No.      Courses      Credit Hrs

 1   Object Oriented Paradigm         4

 2   Logic Design & Computer Architecture   4

 3   Discrete Structures         3

 4   Calculus II         3

 5   Technical Report Writing      3

 6   Introduction to Accounting      3

Total= 20


S. No.   Courses      Credit Hrs

 1   Software Engineering I   3

 2   Data Structures & Algorithms   4

 3   Databases I      4

 4   Assembly Language and Computer Interfacing   4

 5   Physics II         3

 6   Statistics and Probability   3

Total= 21

S. No.   Courses            Credit Hrs

 1   Rapid Application Development      4

 2   Analysis of Algorithms      3

 3   Data Communications & Networking   4

 4   Databases II         4

 5   Linear Algebra         3

 6   Foreign Language         3

Total= 21


S. No.   Courses      Credit Hrs

 1   Operating Systems   3

 2   Web Engineering   4

 3   Programming Languages   3

 4   Software Engineering II   3

 5   Differential Equations   3

 6   Principles of Management   3

Total= 19


S. No.   Courses         Credit Hrs

 1   Theory of Automata      3

 2   System Programming   4

 3   Computer Graphics      4

 4   Wireless and Mobile Computing   4

 5   Introduction to Logic      3

 6   Economics      3

Total= 21



S. No.      Courses      Credit Hrs

 1   Compiler Construction   3

 2   Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks   3

 3   Software Project Management      3

 4   Network Security      3

 5   Project I *         3

Total= 15


S. No.   Courses      Credit Hrs

 1   Theory of Computation   3

 2   Entrepreneurship      3

 3   Elective 1         3

 4   Elective 2         3

 5   Project II*         3

Total= 15
Post by: iram on May 03, 2008, 06:55:01 PM

Data warehousing

Human Computer Interaction

Distributed Systems

IS Audit & Control

Management Information Systems


Geographical Information Systems

Expert Systems

Knowledge Base Systems

Software Verification and Validation

Work Flow Management

Supply Chain Management

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Distributed Systems

Concurrent Programming

Automated Reasoning

Software Fault Tolerance

Pattern and Voice Recognition



* The Senior Design Project is an important part of every Computer Science undergraduate student's education. Teams composed of students and a faculty advisor work on real-world projects closely related to industry. These projects aim at

 1   Define the problem

 2   Create Design

 3   Build prototypes

 4   Write up and present the solution

 5   Perform or contract for necessary testing

Note: Department reserves the right to swap the courses whenever required as well as to add any course in the above list.
Title: Award of Degree and Programme Breakup
Post by: AKBAR on May 03, 2008, 06:55:51 PM
Award of Degree

For award of BS (CS) degree, a student must have passed 133 credit hour courses.

Programme Breakup

    *      BS (CS) Program is of four years duration. Each academic year shall be divided into two semesters:



Semester - I

Semester - V

Semester - II

Semester - VI



Semester - III

Semester - VII

Semester - IV

Semester - VIII

    *         Each semester is of 18 weeks duration consisting of 16 weeks for teaching and 2 weeks for the examination.
    *         A student shall have to complete a total of 133 Credit hours for the completion of Degree of BS of Computer Science.
    *         The Chairperson Department of Computer Science shall notify the schedule of tests and examinations and the same shall be sent to the controller of Examinations for information.
Title: Internal Assessment
Post by: iram on May 03, 2008, 06:56:37 PM
Internal Assessment

    *         There shall be continuous assessment of students in each semester of BS of Computer Sciences.
    *         Each semester shall include Assignments, Quizzes, Practical / Presentations etc., Mid Term Test and a Final Examination.
    *         The Assignments and Quizzes given to students in a semester by the respective teachers shall be called semester work followed by the Final Examination in the 18th Week.
    *         A student who remains absent in Mid Term Test partially or wholly due to illness/unavoidable circumstances (death in the immediate family or natural calamity) / participated in Sports/ Co-curricular activities on behalf of the University shall be allowed to appear in the make up Test in the papers in which s/he remained absent in the Mid Term Test. The absentee shall have to file an application with documented proof for permission to appear in the Make-up Test to the Chairperson of the Computer Science Department within a week after end of the Mid Term Test.
    *         Division of Marks for each course in a semester shall be as under:

Term Work   20 Marks

Mid Term Test   30 Marks

Final Examination   50 Marks

Total   100 Marks

    *         A student must attend 85 percent of the lectures delivered in each course to be eligible to appear in the Final Examination in the respective course. The defaulters are required to repeat the course (s) concerned.
    *         Semester work and Final/Re-sit Examination shall be of equal weight age.
    *         The Chairperson of Department shall make all necessary arrangements for conducting the examinations in co-ordination with the Controller of Examination.
    *         The Attendance sheet for Mid Term Tests and Final/Re-sit Examinations will be sent to the office of Controller of Examinations on the day  of Test/Examination.
    *         The result of Term Work, Mid-Term and Final Examination shall be sent by the Chairperson, Department of Computer Science to the Controller of Examinations within 20 days after the last day of Final Examination.
Post by: AKBAR on May 03, 2008, 06:57:02 PM

    *         A Final Examination shall be arranged by the Chairperson of Computer Science Department at the end of each semester.
    *         A student must get at least 50% marks in internal assessment and final Examination combined, to be declared as successful in a course. He/She will qualify the semester if he/she gets 2.00 SGPA.
    *         In case a candidate is failing by one mark in a course he/she may be given   ONE grace mark by the Controller of Examinations.
    *         If SGPA of a student falls below 2.0, the student will be placed on probation during the next semester. If he/she fails to improve the SGPA up to the required level at the end of the semester of probation, he/she will be dropped from the program.
    *         A student who fails to score 50% marks, in internal assessment and final examination combined, in One or Two courses may be allowed one chance  to appear in Re-sit Examination in courses in which he/she failed. The Re-sit  Examination  of the Fall Semester will be held before the Mid Term Examination of the next Spring Semester and that of the Spring Semester  will be held before the start of the next Fall Semester. The weightage of   Re-sit Examination will be 50% and remaining 50% will be the same as obtained by the student in Mid Term and Term work combined.
    *         If a student fails or remains absent in the Re-sit Examination, he/she will be required to repeat these course(s) in which he/she failed or remained absent whenever next time offered. At most two chances will be available for this purpose.
    *         In case a student fails in more than two courses, he/she will have to repeat the whole semester.
    *         A student may get a break of one or two semesters with the permission of the Departmental Academic Committee.
Title: Final Project
Post by: iram on May 03, 2008, 06:57:52 PM
Final Project

    *   Final Project is a compulsory requirement for BS (CS).
    *   The Final Project will be of 08 Credit Hours.
    *   The Final Project will be given to the students in Semester VII and it will be completed in semester VIII.
    *   There shall be a panel of External Examiners for Final Projects. The project       supervisor will be the Internal Examiner and the External Examiner will be        appointed by the Vice Chancellor on the recommendation of Departmental Academic Committee.
    *   The Final Project will normally be submitted within 30 days after the last day of written Final Examination of Semester VIII.
    *   The External Examiner shall finish his/her evaluation work within 10 days after the receipt of the Final Project. The Chairperson Department of Computer Science will fix the date for VIVAVOCE of the Final Project.
    *   A student should score at least 50% marks for the approval of the Final Project. The Examiners may recommend a revision and One time Re-submission of the Final Project, in case the Project in not up to the standard. The short comings should be conveyed to the student in writing by the Chairperson Department of Computer Science on recommendation of the examiners.
    *   The student shall re-submit the Final Project to the Chairperson Department of Computer Science after making the changes proposed by the Examiners within specified period. The chairperson Department of Computer Science will make appropriate arrangements for re-evaluation as required.
    *   The result of VIVA VOCE shall be sent to the Controller of Examinations by the Chairperson Department of Computer Science soon after the VIVA VOCE Examination.
    *   The Final Project, which has been accepted after evaluation, shall become the property of the Government College University Lahore. One copy shall be kept in the Departmental Library and one in the Main Library.