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Title: Model Materials and Research Institute to be made in University of Peshawar
Post by: گل on June 06, 2008, 12:17:44 PM
Model Materials and Research Institute to be made in University of Peshawar
 F.P. Report

PRESHAWAR: The NWFP Governor while conceding to an idea to establish Model Materials and Research Institute under the aegis of University of Peshawar has desired that proper plan should have to be chalked out processed properly to materialize the proposal at the earliest. Talking during a presentation on the project at Governor's House, Peshawar on Thursday, the Governor, who is also the Chancellor of the University said, "indeed there is dire need to adopt a pragmatic approach to up-grade the educational and research studies; develop properly skilled manpower and ensure more efficient and useful utilization of the indigenous resources in the best interests of the people". Dr. Yaseen Iqbal; a foreign faculty, having attachment with a U.K. based University, is currently serving in the Physics Department of University of Peshawar, made the presentation on the project on this occasion which besides the Chief Executive of FATA Development Authority, Muhammad Shahzad Arbab was also attended by provincial Secretary Industries, Shah Wali Khan and the Secretary, Higher Education, Amjad Shahid Afridi. Referring to the importance of integrated approach not only to exploit and develop the natural resources but also to introduce latest technologies in the indigenous resources based manufacturing and finishing process of goods, the Governor said, "indeed there could be no dis-agreement in this respect". In fact, he added, latest knowledge in the field of research has become the most important instrument of ensuring rapid development in every field of life and the institutions of higher studies could become the best source of guidance in making all this possible. Talking on a point, the Governor also assured to make necessary efforts to create the provision of necessary funds possible for this purpose. Referring to another point, the Governor said, no doubt there exists training and research facilities in different disciplines, relating to identification, searching, exploitation and development of natural resources, particularly in the mineral sector, yet, he added, the need for having improved and upgraded facilities could not be ignored and one has to move forward and avail the latest opportunities in this respect. The Governor particularly mentioned the ongoing efforts of the government to develop mineral resources in FATA and desired that proper proposals should be finalized at the earliest to involve the scientists of the University in making the investments fully useful and result oriented. Meanwhile, Dr. Yasin Iqabl, who hails from this province, said that Pakistan especially our province and its adjoining Federally Administered Tribal Areas are blessed by Nature with tremendous hidden wealth in the shape of various kinds of mineral resources and by applying integrated approach and efficient application of different research based means, the value of finished goods could be tremendously increased. The proposal to establish a model materials and research institute, he added, if materialized, would offer latest educational and research facilities and develop skilled manpower with special focus on flourishing its abilities in making best use of the indigenous resources. Side by side, he added, the proposed institute would be in a position to help in making the end products of the indigenous resources, fully compatible in the international markets.