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Title: (in Sweden) Choose the education that is right for you
Post by: AKBAR on January 08, 2009, 10:23:27 PM
Study options

Choose the education that is right for you.

Trying to understand Sweden's higher education system can seem daunting at first. Our primer should help - it contains some basic information about studying at Swedish universities that foreign students don't automatically know.

As a foreign student, different options are open to you depending on the degree level you would like to study at: undergraduate (as an exchange student or free mover); as a master's candidate, or at the doctoral level. Application procedures are explained for each level.

Another decision is what language you would like to study in. Most likely you will study one of the 500 English-language degree programs, but if your Swedish is fluent, Swedish courses are open to you as well, giving you even greater choice.

You will need to choose a school that teaches your area of interest. Make sure your academic credentials are recognized and start applying.

Other options

You may just have finished with your studies, in which case you may be looking for a traineeship position. Or else you may  be in a position to buy contract training (commissioned education) for your company or organization.

Finally, instead of pursuing an academic degree, you may be interested in advanced vocational education (AVE), which focuses more on workplace learning. There is one such program in English: Globalverkstan.