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The society is saddled with a situation of no tolerance and no dialogue between apposing points of view simply because essence of teaching has become the practice of giving students the arrogance of dogma, and not the tolerance of true knowledge. It happens only when we allow the tradition of open minds to die out and let the place be taken by men with narrow outlook and closed minds. It was expressed by the Vice Chancellor GC University Lahore. Prof. Dr. Khalid Aftab in his welcome address to a 10-member delegation of the Association of Indian Diplomats who came to visit GC University Lahore today. The delegation, led by Ishrat Aziz, comprised K P Fabian, R Rajagopalan, N N Desai, A N D Haskar, S R Hashim, L L Mehrotra, Gurbachan Singh and G R Wakankar A reception in honour of the Indian diplomats was arranged in the Bokhari Auditorium.
Prof. Dr. Khalid Aftab in his welcome address greeted the delegation members and apprised them about the academic profile and historic perspective of his institution. The real spirit of GCU is its creative energy, which is born of the great ideal of “Courage to know” the Motto of our Alma Mater, he added. The foundations of GC were steeped in the English tradition of Liberalism. From this philosophy emerged the concept of liberal arts in education. As a major centre of liberal arts in the sub-continent, GC produced scientists, thinkers, poets, political leaders, administrators and other persons of great eminence, he maintained. Dr. Khalid said, GCU Lahore was the witness of three centuries and a unique educational institution which inspired the arts and all other kinds of creative activities in their best forms. The Vice Chancellor further apprised the delegation about the profile of Principals of Government College during the first 75 years since its inception i.e. they all came from Britain. Dr. Khalid Aftab further told the diplomats that the renowned Ravian diplomat was Prof. Patras Bokhari who went straight to the UN as Pakistan’s Permanent Representative from the Principal’s office in 1950 where he rose to the rank of Under Secretary General (Information). Dr. Khalid Aftab said that it was necessary to create an ambiance in which the good could flourish talent could find recognition and genius could earn his reward. He said, “we follow open door policy for our neighbouring institutions, organizations and associations in order to share knowledge and experiences through the mutual exchange of students and faculty.”
A former Indian diplomat, member of the delegation, and distinguished Old Ravian Mr. Gurbuchan Singh told that he used to study at the then Government College Lahore in 1939 and his academic journey continued till 1945 when he passed post graduation in economics. He nostalgically remembered the golden memories of his past as a student of GC Lahore. ”I used to be editor of the Ravi and the total strength of GC students at that time was only 1100. I am surprised and very happy to see how the present Vice Chancellor has marvelously continued its wonderful traditions along with transforming it into a great seat of learning with the strength of more than 6000 students”, he added. My father, Sardar Mohan Singh was also a distinguished Old Ravian and he was, here at the campus in 1919, he further told. He disclosed that the present Fatima Jinnah University Rawalpindi was his family residence till 1945 and its Vice Chancellor’s office used to be his living room those days.
The delegation members were presented the documentary titled Government College to GC University Lahore The delegation visited the GCU library and showed keen interest in the library museum. The Vice Chancellor presented souvenir gifts to all members of the delegation. The leader of the delegation Ishrat Aziz also presented a souvenir to Vice Chancellor GCU on behalf of Indian Association of Diplomats. The Vice Chancellor was assisted by the Deans, the Registrar and Director Academic Planning and External Links.


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