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Aims of Faculty Department of Pharmacology Services Institute of Medical Scienc

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Aims of Faculty  Department of Pharmacology Services Institute of Medical Sciences

The department aims at helping the students to havea firm grasp in Pharmacology which is the science of drugs used to prevent, diagnose and treat disease.They study substances that interact with living systems through chemical processes especially bu binding to regulatory molecules, activating and inhibiting normal body.
The training programme stresses development and improvement of knowledge, concepts and skills.This is done by various teaching modalities in form of lectures, tutorials, seminars and presentations by students.Self study is encouarged utilizing different learning resourses, such as, internet, library and medical journals.
Practical applicaion of actions of drugs on various organs of animals and their adverse effects are carried out by students in the laboratory.Research based study is to be implemented for undergraduate students.
The faculty is dedicated to bring the students to a level where they can compete not only with students of local medical colleges but also with international instituitions.


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