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Student Affairs Department Sheikh Zayed Medical College, Rahim Yar Khan

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Student Affairs Department Sheikh Zayed Medical College, Rahim Yar Khan
The department covers a wide range of academic and non-academic activities of students such as personal counseling, accommodation, student health services, admission, student records, discipline and other problems which the student might face.

Disciplinary Committee

  For all such offences that occur in the SZMC (i.e. the Institute or Hospital premises or in the college hostel), the Principal may at his discretion, refer the case to the Disciplinary Committee which will be constituted by the Board of Governors. This Disciplinary Committee has the powers to interview the student or any member of the staff and is empowered to send its recommendations to the principal who may or may not seek its ratification by the College Council.

  In dealing with any given offence occurring in the SZMC or college hostel, or hospital, the Principal may recommend any of the following punishments to the Board of Governors.

  An apology, verbal or written by the student or his/her guardian.

  Suspension of scholarship/any fee concession/award.

  Suspension from the college/hospital.

  Expulsion from the hostel.

  The decision of the Board of Governors in all cases shall be considered as final.

Code of Conduct

Students will be required to follow the code of conduct laid down by the SZMC. The future doctors would be expected to show a sense of responsibility and honesty, which is the need of the profession. SMOKING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED IN THE COLLEGE AND HOSPITAL PREMISES. During the posting in the hospital, students are required to wear white coats with their name tags and clinical year written on it. Dishonest and disorderly behavior during examination or any other setting may lead to expulsion from the college. Students might also face expulsion if there is evidence of willful destruction of college equipment, furniture or property, physical violence against anybody, non-payment of tuition fee in time and non-compliance with any of the instructions given by the college authorities.


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