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Merit List Sargodha Medical College

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Merit List Sargodha Medical College
« on: August 04, 2009, 05:48:41 PM »
Merit List  Sargodha Medical College
(i)  The merit list of candidates will be prepared by the Admission Committee, verified by the Principal, Sargodha Medical College. The Vice-Chancellor shall be competent to rectify the errors or omissions found in the merit list /selection list at the time of selection of candidates.
(ii) The Admission Committee shall determine the admissions as per the merit exhibited by the applicant.
(iii)Candidates applying for admission, shall be considered for selection according to the Priority opted by them in Admission Form and merit.
(iv)Foreign/Ex-patriate/Dual National seats will be filled as per selection by the Higher Education Commission Islamabad, Pakistan.
(v) Postal application should be addressed to “the Principal Sargodha Medical College”, University of Sargodha, Sargodha. These applications should reach the college office well before the closing date. Any deficiencies will not be reported to the candidate and the responsibility of completeness as per prospectus lies with the candidate.
           If considered necessary, the Admission Committee may call any candidate for interview at his/her own expenses.
The Admission Committee may refuse admission to any candidate who seems, for reasons to be recorded in each case at the time of interview, to be
        unsuitable or unlikely to become a good doctor. In case such a candidate is admitted, he can be struck off the rolls of the college, after issuing a notice
        to him/her to that effect.
Such candidates whose particulars e.g. Marks certificates or any other document submitted with the application form are found to be incorrect or wrong or whose authentication is doubtful will be strucked off from the College roll, even if they have been admitted. A student can be removed during the course of his/her study at any stage if incorrect or wrong information has been submitted by such a student, which formed the basis of his/her admission. The Principal can forfeit fee and other dues paid by such a candidate.
     In addition a candidate making any false statement is liable to any legal action, which the College may deem fit to take. Similarly father/guardian making any false statement is also liable to legal action.
     Any candidate detected to have submitted forged certificates or fake documents with the application form shall be permanently debarred from admission to Sargodha Medical College.