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STUDENTS’ SOCIETIES University of Peshawar

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STUDENTS’ SOCIETIES University of Peshawar
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Extra curricular activities are an important part of campus life. These include all university-based or university-sponsored cultural, educational, social and recreational activities not part of the regular curriculum but are an integral part of the living-learning community at the University of Peshawar.
The students’ of the University of Peshawar are amongst the 3% privileged ones in Pakistan who got the opportunity of admission to this prestigious seat of high learning. Apart from imparting quality education through standard academic procedure to provide skilled leadership to the society, the university equally takes care of personality building of students by a wide range of co-curricular activities. Managers of the students try their level best to use this platform as a principal vehicle for channelising their potential for good end, give vent to their bubbly feelings, broaden their vision in the global context and refine their qualities as national architects.
Khyber Literary Club established in 1986 as a pioneer society got its legal status recognized in 1994 with the decision of the Honorable Supreme Court whereby an alternate platform has to be provided to the students to ward them off the undesirable political activities, where they were enslaved by venomous designs of political parties. In the light of this ruling, later on, nine more societies namely Adventure and Hiking Club, Blood Donor Society, Creative art Society, Culture and dramatic society, Khyber Literary Club, Peshawar University Rifle association, Science Society, Social welfare and awareness society and Sports Society were established. Khyber Islamic Cultural Society, Photo-Video Club and Folk Art and Heritage Society have been established most recently.
Vice Chancellor and Provost, University of Peshawar are the Chief Patron and Patron respectively of all the Societies, each society is looked after by an Organizer and Co-organizer. Under the overall supervision of a chief organiser, students’ cabinet of each society works under the guidance of its respective organisers. The cabinet of each society bears offices of a President, Vice President, General Secretary, Joint Secretary, Media Secretary and Public Relation Officer (1 male and 1 female). Session of the Students’ Societies is connected with the Academic Session which normally starts in September and continues to the end of August of next year.
The University offers unique leadership and service opportunities in the form of these activities through the following societies and clubs:
Clubs and Societies
S.No   Clubs/ Societies   Email Address
1.   Adventure/Hiking Club
2.   Blood Donor’s Society
3.   Creative Art Society
4.   Cultural and Dramatic Society
5.   Folk Art and Heritage Society
6.   Information Technology Club
7.   Khyber Islamic Cultural Society
8.   Khyber Literary Club
9.   Peshawar University Rifles Association
10.   Photo-Video Club
11.   Science Society
12.   Social Welfare and Awareness Society
13.   Sports Society
The students groomed by the above societies and clubs have set high standards in the form of superior performances at provincial, national and international level.
•   To polish the hidden qualities of students
•   To enhance the creative potential of the youth
•   To inculcate in students the spirit of healthy competition
•   To induce in students the sense of love, sacrifice and service to the entire creation
•   To prepare students for all practical ends
•   To prepare the students for future challenges in the global context
•   Prepare students for future challenges in the global context
•   Keep students away from unwanted/undesirable associations
1. Annual Report 2006-07 (Ms-Word format Download)
Division of the Campus into Zones
Zone 1: From Area Study centre to the SSAQ Mesuem
Zone 2: Jinnah College for women, College of Home Economics and Department of Fine Arts
Zone 3: IER, Psychology, QACC, Social Work, IMS, New Block, Oriental Block, Pashto Academy etc
Zone 4: Islamic Centre and all institutions/departments in SZIC
  Plan for Holding Functions of the Societies

All societies will hold functions on monthly basis simultaneously at different venues on the Campus on each second Wednesday of each month.On the third Wednesday of each month meeting of Central Organising Committee will be held to evaluate activities of the societies. Each society has to hold at least three functions in a year.
There will be one joint grand function “Installation and Farewell Ceremony” of all societies at the mid of each academic session. A mega event of Fun Fair & Science Fair will be arranged in the coming months.
Organisers and Co-Organisers :
1. Adventure/Hiking Club
Organizer , Mr. Anwar Alam, Sociology , Co-organizer, Mrs. Taskeen Shagufta, JCW, Qazi Mohammad Naeem, Co-Organizer.
2. Blood Donor’s Society
Organizer, Mr. Fayyaz, Geology , Co-organizer, Amina Rahat, CHE
3. Creative Art Society
Organizer, Zakirullah Jan, Archaeology, Co-organizer, Zile Huma, CHE
4. Cultural and Dramatic Society
Organizer, Dr. Zilakat Khan, Economics, Co-organizer, Asma Gul, JCW
5. Information Technology Club
Organizer, Falak Naz, Electronics, Co-organizer, Fakhra Aziz, JCW
6. Khyber Islamic and Cultural Society
Organizer, Muhammad Alam, Islamiyat, Co-organizer, Ruqia Saeed, JCW
7. Khyber Literary Club
Organizer, Qazi Naeem, Archaeology, Co-organizer, Mrs. Tazeen, JCW, Mr. Hamid Rehman Library Science, Co organizer.
8. Peshawar University Rifle Association
Organizer, Fazal Mabood, Institute of Chemical Science , Co-organizer, Nadeem Azam, Law College
9. Photo-Video Club
Organizer, Asad Ali, Archaeology, Co-organizer, Shehnaz Mushtaq, JCW
10. Science Society
Organizer, Jamshed Bangash, Pharmacy, Co-organizer, Shaheen Sardar, JCW
11. Social Welfare and Awareness Society
Organizer, Noor Sanauddin, Sociology, Co-organizer, Ms Shakeela, JCW
12. Sports Society
Organizer, Fazal Nasir, Pharmacy, Co-organizer, Neelam Babar, JCW
13. Folk and ART Heritage Society
Organiser, Ms Tayyeba Aziz.
•   Provost, University of Peshawar
•   Deputy Director (M) Societies/Clubs/Associations
•   Deputy Director (F) Societies/Clubs/Associations
•   Co-ordinator
•   Chief Organisers
•   Presidents of the Societies
•   General Secretaries of Societies
•   Media Committee
•   Zonal Representatives
•   Photographer
•   Sound system operator
•   Staff
o   Organiser (Responsibilities of Organiser and Co-organiser)
o   Co-organiser
•   Students’ Cabinet (Responsibilities of Cabinet members)
o   President
o   Vice President
o   General Secretary
o   Joint Secretary
o   Finance Secretary
o   Media Secretary
o   Zonal Representatives Four (4)
o   Public Relation Secretary (male + female)
Specific Objectives of Clubs and Societies
1. The Adventure and Hiking Club
•   •To promote scenic and hidden beauty of Pakistan
•   •To promote tourism
•   •To explore the landscape and culture of far and wide regions of Pakistan
•   •To make people aware of the diverse culture and traditions of Pakistan
•   •To bring cultural tourism and landscape tourism under government notice
•   •Through the tourist one can increase the foreign exchange of the country
•   •Preparing short visits to the historical places to highlight cultural profiles
•   •Showing documentaries made by the students of Hiking and Expedition Society on different areas of out the country
2. The Blood Donors’ Society
In 1952 Islamia College began to supply volunteer blood donors for the Lady Reading Hospital and has continued to do so regularly. In November 1963 the present Volunteer Blood Donor Service was inaugurated on a University basis and is rendering valuable social service.
•   Organise blood donation camps
•   Create awareness through lectures and media
•   Arrange first aid and disaster training programmes
•   One day tour to a target area
•   To collect facts and figure about the demand and supply of blood
•   To check environment and different facilities regarding blood donation etc
•   To interact with like minded organizations to exchange and share information and skills, fact & figures, views and ideas
   3. The Creative Art Society
•   Holding visual art competition
•   Arranging arts and crafts exhibitions
•   Organising photographic exhibition
•   Undertaking beautification of the campus
4. The Culture and Dramatic Society
•   Presenting variety show programmes
•   Staging dramas
•   Holding national songs competition
•   Highlighting major cultures of the country
5. Khyber Islamic Cultural Society
•   Highlight Muslim culture in Islamic perspectives
•   Promote the real understanding of the Holy Quran
•   Teach correct text-reading (tajweed) of the Holy Quran
•   Hold seminars, workshops and extensive lectures
•   Arrange quiz competition and exhibition of Islamic literature
      6. Khyber Literary Club
•   Arrange Pushto, Urdu, Hindko Mushairas
•   Hold poetry and prose writing competition
•   Organise Inter University extempore and arranged debate competition
•   Arrange calligraphic competition
   7. Peshawar University Rifles Association
•   Provide target shooting training
•   Arrange target shooting competition inter-versity level
•   Hold target shooting competition and provincial level
•   Programme study tour / excursion trip to hills / desert
   8. Science Society
•   Organise science fair / exhibition
•   Hold science quiz competition
•   Arrange science conference / seminar
   9. Social Welfare and Awareness Society
•   Observing campus cleanliness campaign
•   Organising seminar at Baragali
•   Planning and organising social works
•   Co-ordinating events among the societies and developing annular plan
•   To inculcate the spirit of human service, volunteering and patriotism in the students by involving them in practical social work
•   To prepare the students of practical life as leaders in their personal, academic and professional endeavours
•   To create awareness regarding different issues of common concern among the public in general and the students in particular
•   To encourage curricular and co-curricular activities such as seminars, conferences, walks, inter department competitions on social welfare and awareness etc in the University
•   To support the university administration in the creation of conducive, clean and caring environment in the University
•   To support, advocate and promote any issue which can enhance the image of Peshawar University at National and International level

10. Information Technology Clucb
•   Polish the hidden good qualities of students
•   Create awareness in students about Information Technology
•   Highlight the importance of IT in our daily life
•   Discovering the world of Information Technology
•   Pick out the talented students in the field of software to prepare them for future challenges
11. Photo Vedio Club
•   Promote the Art of Photography and Video-graphy
•   Capture the Landscape and Historical Monuments of Pakistan
•   Making documentaries of the different events of Peshawar University
•   Keep video and photographic record of different societies of Peshawar University
•   Create awareness through lectures supported by multimedia presentations
•   Arrange photographic exhibitions
•   Highlight cultural profile by visiting historical monuments
12. Folk Art and Heritage Society
•   To preserve and promote the folk art and heritage of NWFP at Univerity level
•   Hunt the talent in students
•   Polish the hidden qualities of younger generation
•   Create the awarness of folk art and heritage of NWFP among the students
13. Sports Society
•   Celebrating annual sports week
•   Holding sports competitions
•   Supporting sports events arranged by the boarder of all hostels
Co-curricular activities play a pivotal role in the overall development of students’ personality, and make them ready for future challenges. The faculty members who are voluntarily devoting their time for the supervision and administering all such things are the real workers in the field. They are the persons who pin point, polish their hidden qualities and groom the personality of students. This platform really provides opportunities for the students to display and polish their skills. The talented students who join these societies according to their talent and abilities really lead the others in practical life after completion of their education. We are proud of them.    

The Students’ Societies under the guidance and supervision of the Chief Pattern Prof. Dr. Haroon Rasheed, the Vice Chancellor and Pattern Prof. Dr. M. Farooq Swati, the Provost, University of Peshawar really have achieved and are achieving their goals and objectives set for them. The Students’ Societies have proved themselves up to the mark and foresee their growth and development with the passage of time.
After taking responsibility in January 2007 as Deputy Director of the University Students’ Societies, the undersigned redesigned the membership form and printed six thousand copies for free-distribution.    

Three additional Societies/Clubs Folk Art and Heritage Society, Information Technology Club and Photo-Video Club were created and approved from the Competent Authority raising the number of the Societies to thirteen from the already existing ten. The whole campus was divided into four zones for quick communications, distribution of circulars and feedback. Membership campaign of Students’ Societies was launched w.e.f. 1 st February to 08 th February 2007. We visited each zone and motivated students to join Societies and Clubs. Forms were distributed among them in each zone and received back in a large number. We notified the selection of Organisers, Co-organisers and cabinet members of Students’ Societies.    

Interviews for the cabinet members were held on 10 th February 2007 at the Agha Khan Auditorium and new appointments were made. Twenty four new Organisers were appointed on 14 th February 2007 that replaced some of the old ones appointed in May 2006. Soon after, activities were planned and action started immediately on, addresses and contact numbers of Print and Electronic Media were collected a press conference was arranged on 13 th April 2007 at 10:00 am in the Senate Hall. Activities of the University Students’ Societies were explained to them and some of the events were highlighted. Archival and current files were made for each society and maintenance of proper record was initiated for ready reference.    

Society/Club/ Association    Activities
1.Adventure / Hiking Club    Cleanliness campaign at Bara Gali Campus was lunched from 5 th to 8 th June 2007. Tracking was also done there.
•   2. Blood Donors’ Society    Blood Donation Camps were successfully operated in the following Departments:
o   Economics ( 13 th March 2007)
o   Electronics ( 25 th March 2007)
o   Pharmacy ( 14 th April 2007)
o   Law College ( 28 th April 2007)
o   Computer Science ( 12 th May 2007)
o   History ( 15 th May 2007)
•   A walk about “No-Smoking Day” was arranged on 31 st May 2007.
•   Blood Grouping of Seventy Six students of M.Sc Zoology previous class (morning), Forty Two students of M.Sc Zoology fine year (morning) and Thirty Nine students of M.Sc Zoology final year (evening) including male and female was done in the month of November 2006.
•   Blood Donation Camp was organised in the Departments of Urdu, Philosophy, Persian where free blood grouping and blood screening facility was given to the students with the help of Frontier Foundation on 18 th September 2006.
•   Blood Donation Camp was held in the Department of Pharmacy where free blood grouping facility once again given to the students with the help of Frontier Foundation on 2 nd November 2006.
•   Blood Donation Camp on 10 th November 2006 in the College of Home Economics.
•   A successful seminar on “Hypertension” was arranged in collaboration of Hypertension League of Pakistan on 18.05.07 at 11:00 am in the Agha Khan Auditorium. In this seminar Doctors from the Lady Reading Hospital participated. Dr. Hafeez, the well known cardiologist gave his presentation on the awareness causes and cure of Hypertension, later on he answered the thought provoking questions put by the audience.
•   The society arranges blood for the needy and poor people on daily basis, which is its regular activity and routine work throughout the year. Usually twenty (20) students donate blood per day. Approximately Seven thousand three hundreds (7300) students donated blood in the session 2006-07.
3. Creative Art Society    The Creative Art Society arranged a Photographic-cum-painting exhibition on the subject “ PESHAWAR, THE CITY OF ARTISANS” on 16 th and 17 th May 2007 at 9:30 am in the SSAQ Museum. In this exhibition the society tried its best to encourage and motivate the students for participation through competition. Certificates, Prizes and Shields were given to the positions holders and participants.
•   4. Cultural and Dramatic Society    In order to pay tribute to the victims of Earthquake and especially to the son of the University Dr. Hameed Ullah, a well known Geologist, who sacrificed his life during a rescue operation in the area of Bagh (AJK) a day after the earthquake on the eve the first anniversary of the disaster, the Society arranged a Symposium in October 2006. It also collected funds for earthquake victims and shared the burden with them.
•   A successful Mehfl-e-Milad in the month of Holy Ramadhan was also arranged on 17 th October 2006 at the Department of Economics.
•   Photographic Exhibition was organised on March 21-22, 2007 at the Convocation Hall. The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Haroon Rasheed inaugurated the exhibition.
•   To pay tribute to National heroes National Songs Competition was arranged on 16 th May 2007 at Agha Khan Auditorium. Certificates Prizes were awarded to participants and position holders.
5. Folk Art and Heritage Society    The Folk Art and Heritage Society was established in March 2007. Soon after its establishment a meeting was arranged with Mr. Khalid Javed, Director of National Craft Centre, Islamabad at the VC’s Secretariat. This meeting was attended by Maj. Tariq Mehmood, Director VC Secretariat, Deputy Director Students’ Societies, Mr. Muhammad Attaullah and Organiser of Folk Art and Heritage Society Ms Tayyeba Aziz. After that meeting, the University initiated a linkage programme between Folk Art Heritage Society and Lok Versa Islamabad. On April 30, 2007 a one day trip was arranged for the cabinet members of Folk Art and Heritage Society to Lok Versa at Islamabad to study the crafts of NWFP on display. The Pakistan Monument was also visited by the society. In May 2007 a trip to study and sketch the heritage of the walled city of Peshawar was arranged by the Department of Fine Arts for the members of Folk Art and Heritage Society. A notification by the Provost Office has been circulated among the Departments, Institutes and Centres for providing the data undertaken on Folk Art and Heritage if any, for compilation and documentation by the Folk Art and Heritage Society.
6. Information Technology Club    This newly established club also remained very active. After its establishment it arranged a seminar on “System Applications”, on 4 th April 2007 at the Senate Hall. The second seminar arranged by the club was on “ Wireless Communication” on 18 th May 2007 at 09:30 am in the Agha Khan Auditorium, in collaboration with Mobilink Pakistan.
7. Khyber Islamic Cultural Society   The society planned Darsi Quran (Surat–Fathah, Surat Al-Nur, Surat Al-Hujurat and Surat Al-Furqan) for boarders and non-boarders on weekly basis.
•   1 st Darsi Quran for Borders was held in New Hostel Block “B”
•   2 nd was held in shaykh Zayed Islamic center for dayshoclors.
•   3 rd was held in hostel # 2, for borders.
•   4 th was held in Provost Office for dayscholors.
•   5 th was held on Agha Khan Auditorium for daysholars.
•   6 th Was held in New Tribal Girls Hostel for Borders.
•   7 th Was held in Agha Khan Auditorium, for boarders.
•   8 th was held in Fatima Jinnah Girls college, Hostel for borders.
•   9 th Was held in Agha Khan Auditorium for general public.
•   10 th Was held in Agha Khan Auditorium for general public.
•   Weekly Dars-i-Quran in the Agha Khan Auditorium University of Peshawar was arranged on every Saturday.
•   A seminar was held in Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center Auditorium University of Peshawar, on 25 th of May 2006, “ Quran and the world nations”. The chief guest was Prof. Dr. Qbla Ayaz, Dean Faculty of Islamic and Oriental studies graced the occasion as Chief Guest.
•   Another seminar was held in Senate Hall on June 08, 2006, on the topic of “MUSLIM YOUTH: FOLLOWERS OR LEADERS? The chief guest was Prof. Dr. Muhammad Farooq Swati, Provost University of Peshawar.
•   A video documentary report was presented by the KICS at Sheikh Zayed Islamic center on February 17, 2007 on the topic of “ISLAM THE EMPIRE OF FAITH.” The chief guest was the chairman of Arabic Department.
•   The last seminar of the session was held in the Quaid-e-Azam commerce college University of Peshawar on the topic of “WHO IS ON YOUR DESKTOP” on 14 th February 2007.
•   Jashan’a Eid Millad-Un-Nabbi’ (SAW) was organized in the Convocation Hall on 17 th April, 2007. Prof. Dr. Haroon Rashid, vice chancellor university of Peshawar grace the occasion as Chief Host .
•   8. Khyber Literary Club    Participated in bilingual declamation Contest 2006 at Baqai Medical University, Karachi on 29 th September 2006.
•   Participation in SAARC Declamation Contest IBA, karachi
•   Pashto quiz competition for PTV, Peshawar Centre on 20 th November 2006.
•   Bilingual declamation Contest on 11 th November 2006. The society got fourth position at the Baluchistan University of Science and Technology.
•   Got first position in 19 th Annual Science Competition on 15 th November 2006 at National Museum of Science and Technology, Lahore.
•   Bilingual declamation Contest on 29 th November 2006, at Aga Khan Auditorium at 10:00 am
•   Anti Corruption Declamation Contest 2006, was organized on 9 th of December 2006 at the Convocation Hall at 9:30 am
•   Participation in the Inter-University Declamation Contest on 16 th December 2006, at the City University, Peshawar
•   Participated in the Third Youth In Governance Workshop organized by Transparency International at GIKI, Topi, Swabi on 9 th, 10 th January 2007.
•   Participated in the Marathon Race w.e.f. 12 to 14 th January 2006 at Lahore.
•   Grand Pushto Mushaira was organized on 17 th May 2007 at 6:30 pm in the Convocation Hall. Sixteen hundred participant availed the opportunity of hearing thirty seven well known poets/poetesses from all over the Province.
9. Photo-Video Club    The newly established Photo-Video Club arranged a Photographic exhibition on “labourers and Child Labour” on 2 nd May 2007 at 10:00 am in the SSAQ Museum. Competition was arranged and the first three positions were announced. Students were encouraged and motivated by certificates, prizes and shields.
•   10. Science Society    Seminar was arranged on the topic of “ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION, A challenge of the day, on 14 th March 2007 at 10:00 am in the Senate Hall
•   The seminar was organised on “Safe use of Drugs” on 18 th April 2007 at 11:30 am in the Senate Hall.
•   Mega Science Exhibition 2007 (9 h- 10 th May, 2007 at PUTA Hall) was arranged for the first time in Peshawar University, which became the Regular Annual Event of Peshawar University.
•   11. Social Welfare and Awareness Society    The society organized seminar on “Volunteerism” in collaboration with NVM, Islamabad at 10:30 am in the Convocation Hall, University of Peshawar on April 18, 2007
•   Workshop on “Road Safety and Young Road User” in collaboration with Highways and Motorways Authority on 27 th April 2007 at the Convocation Hall.
•   Arranged a seminar in collaboration with the SPACE on 5 th June 2007 (World Environment Day) on the topic of “Melting Ice and Global Warming” at Agha Khan Auditorium.
12. Sports Society    Sports Mela 2007 (Sports Week from 7 th–14 th May 2007) was arranged for the first time, which also became the Annual Event of the University and would be celebrated on Annual basis. The opening ceremony was held on the ground of Hostel No.1. Matches were arranged on the ground of Hostel No.1, 2, 9. Gymnasium was specified for female players. At the opening ceremony, on 7 th May 2007. Prof. Dr. Haroon Rasheed opened the Sports Mela as a Chief Guest.
The closing ceremony of Sports Mela 2007 was held on 15 th May 2007 at 11:00 am in the Agha Khan Auditorium. Mr. Farmanullah Anjum, the Regional Director HEC, Regional Centre, Rahatabad Peshawar was the Chief Guest of the occasion.
Five hundred and thirty one (531) including twenty one (21) female students registered themselves as players within specified time.
•   13. Peshawar University Rifles Association    Target Training Programme at Regi Lalma, Peshawar on 18 th April 2007 at 8:00 am with the collaboration of Pakistan Army.
•   Target Shooting Competition at Regi Lalma, Peshawar on 10 th May 2007 at 8:00 am with help and guidance of Pakistan Army.
Event    Activities
Kashmir Day 5th February 2007    Kashmir day was Celebrated on 7 th February 2007 at Agha Khan Auditorium followed by an awareness walk to PUTA Hall.
Women’s Week at Fatima Jinnah Women University    A batch of twenty three (23) students was dispatched to FJWU, Rawarlpindi on 10 th March 2007. The team came back on 13 th March 2007. Most of them won important positions at the National Level.
The following students got important positions at National level.
o   Qirat: Mr. Abdus Samad from Pharmacy, 2 nd Position
o   Na’at: Miss Sadaf Saeed of IER, First Position
o   Photography Competition: Mr. Mansoor Ahmad of Fine Arts Department got fist Position
o   Bilingual Declamation Contest: Mr. Saqib Jehan of Pharmacy got 2 nd Position.
o   Software Programming Competition: Mr. Adeel Anwar and Muhammad Alam of Computer Science Department got 2 nd Position
o   Painting Competition: Mr. Naveed Khan students of Fine Arts Department got First Position
Poetry: Mr. Khalid Latif Kaif of Geology got 3 rd Position
Debate Contest    Two members team was sent to Faisalabad on 19 th April 2007 for Inter University Speech contest. Mr. Saqib Jehan won first prize at the National level in Urdu speech competition.
Rural Development    The Serhad Rural Support Programme organized a debate contest on water at the Khyber Union Hall of Islamia College. Ibtesam Zaima Khan of Environmental Sciences got first position while Haseeb of IR scored third position
Parliamentary Dialogues    A two members team along with the teacher was sent to the GIKI for parliamentary type of dialogues organized by GEO TV. The students were short listed on 1 st February 2007 at the Provost Office.
UET Taxila    Our team also participated in the competition at UET Taxila from 12 th to 13 th May 2007
UNISEF & Aids control programme    UNISEF & Aids Control Programme arranged a debate competition at Agha Khan on 25 th May 2007 in which Ibtesam Zaima Khan got first position, Aamir of Law College won second position and Haseeb of IR got third position.
Selection of New Cabinets    Selection of New Cabinet members on 10 th February 2007 at Agha Khan Auditorium.
Appointment of new Organisers/Co-organisers    New Organisers/Co-organisers were appointed by the Provost office on 14 th February 2007.
Parliamentary Dialogues US Consulate    Nominees of the Eight selected Departments were sent to US Consulate for parliamentary type of dialogues on 22 nd January 2007.
•   Students’ Convention 2007    The preliminary Round (Intra University) of Students’ Convention 2007 was arranged on 27 th February 2007 at the Senate Hall, in which eight students including one on female and one FATA seat were selected for the Second Round (Inter-University). The round was presided by Prof. Dr. Ghulam Taqi Bangash.
•   The Second Round ( Inter University) of Students’ Convention on was organized 16 th April 2007 at the Senate Hall in which 22 from open merit and two from Fata seat were selected for the Third Round (Provincial Round). This round was presided over by Prof. Dr. Haroon Rasheed, Vice Chancellor, University of Peshawar.
The Third Round (Provincial Round) of Students’ Convention 2007 was held on 28 th April 2007 at the Khyber Union Hall, Islamia College Peshawar, in which fifteen students including one from FATA were selected from the nine Universities of the Province. These students would be presented to the President on the date yet not decided by the HEC at Islamabad.
11 th Allama Iqbal Shield    Inter-University Competition (Provincial level) was held on 11 th April 2007 at Convocation Hall organised by HEC and facilitated by the Students’ Societies.
Web page construction    Updated information was handed over to Incharge EIT regarding societies and webpage was constructed with the help of EIT. Official e-mails of Students' Societies were also made by the EIT personals, which were displayed on the students’ Notice Board at the Provost office. Now all the Organisers can contact the office of the Deputy Director, Students’ Societies on an official e-mail, which is < >
Essay Competition    Participated in the International Essay competition in which the College of Home Economics won the position
Specification for demands    Requested the EIT personals for making specifications for computer system, sound systems, Digital Camera, Camcorder for the office of the Students’ Societies
Youth Convention 2007    A letter of nominees on 20.03.2007 was sent to Pir Bux Jandan, Ministry of Youth Affairs, Islamabad, for Youth Convention 2007 to be held at Quatta
General Body meeting    General Body meeting of students and Proctors was arranged on 21 st March 2007 at the Convocation Hall in which the Vice Chancellor was the Chief Guest. After the meeting the worthy Vice Chancellor opened the Photographic Exhibition arranged by Cultural & Dramatic Society regarding Pakistan Movement.
Establishment of Central Media Committee    The Central Media Committee for the Students’ Societies was established for quick communications and active reporting.
2 nd meeting with the Noble Prize Holders at Islamabad    A team of faculty members was sent to Islamabad for the 2 nd Meeting with the Noble Prize holders at Islambad on 26 th March 2007
Press Conference    For the first time the Students’ Societies arranged a press conference regarding their activities with the approval of Competent Authority on 13 th April 2007. The representatives of electronic and print media were briefed about the activities of Students’ Societies
Meeting with the Vice Chancellor, University of Peshawar    A meeting of the cabinet members and Organisers/Co-organisers with the Vice Chancellor was arranged on 4 th April 2007 at SSAQ Museum. A presentation was given to the Vice Chancellor by the Deputy Director. The Vice Chancellor appreciated the work of Students’ Societies.
Lunch at the Guest House    A lunch was arranged at the Guest House for the candidates who participated in the Provincial Round of Students’ Convention 2007 on 28 th April 2007
Meeting with the Chancellor    The winners of the Provincial Round of Students’ Convention 2007 attended a meeting with the Chancellor under the supervision of the Vice Chancellor, University of Peshawar, Director HEC Regional Centre, Peshawar along with the Deputy Provost and Deputy Director, Students’ Societies. The meeting with the Chancellor was arranged at the Governor House by the Director HEC Regional Centre, Rahatabad, in the honour of the winners of the Provincial Round of Students’ Convention 2007 on 19 th May 2007 at 10:00 am
Dinner at the Guest House    A dinner in the honour of the winners of the Provincial Round of Students’ Convention 2007 along with their Vice Chancellors was arranged by the Provost Office under the supervision of Vice Chancellor, University of Peshawar on 18 th May 2007 at the Guest House. The students were briefed by the Vice Chancellors of the participating Universities and Director HEC. This briefing was chaired by Prof. Dr. Haroon Rasheed, the Vice Chancellor of University of Peshawar
Prize Distribution Ceremony    A prize distribution ceremony was arranged on 29 th May 2007 for the position holders who won the positions at Fatima Jinnah Women University during the month of March 2007. The certificates, prizes and shields received from Fatima Jinnah Women University were distributed among the participants and winners by the Provost, at the Provost office.
Dinner at Khyber House, University of Peshawar    A dinner was arranged on 12 th June 2007 by the Director Administration at the Khyber House in the honour of the Students’ Societies for their active participation in activities, during the session 2006-07.
Bara Gali Tour for the office bearers of Students’ Societeis    The cabinet members of the Students’ Societies along with their Organisers/Co-organisers were sent to Bara Gali on 5 th June 2007 for four days where they actively chalked out and arranged certain activities. The team returned back to Peshawar on 8 th June 2007.
Committee for Foreign Tour    A committee for foreign tour was constituted in a meeting on 15 th June 2007 under the chair of the Provost, University of Peshawar with the Organisers and Co-organisers. The committee in its meeting held on 19 th June 2007 made certain decisions which were put forward to the Organisers in the meeting held on 20 th June 2007. The case was forward to the Competent Authority for approval.
Budget Meeting    A presentation was given to the Vice Chancellor, Organisers and Cabinet members on an introduction to Students’ Societies and their proposed Annual Budget on 18 th April 2007 at SSAQ Museum
Inter Provincial Students’ Delegation Exchange programme    Under this programme a plain to visit eight (8) Universities in Punjab has been sent to Mr. Abdul Ghaffar, project director at HEC Islamabad. This plan has been approved and we would receive the cheque within a week.
14 th August Celebrations    The Students’ Societies jointly arranged the 14 th August, 2007 celebrations in collaboration with the Directorate of Administration, Constituent Schools and the CPC. A colourful programme was arranged in the Convocation Hall. The programme was started with the flag hoisting in front of the Convocation Hall, which was followed by a colourful stage programme at the Convocation Hall. The students of different societies and constituent schools presented speeches, tableau and national songs. Minorities were also given the chance to express their sentiments. The students and organisers were encouraged by certificates.
Book Fair Exhibition    The Central Library in collaboration with the office of the Students’ Societies arranged a Book Fair Exhibition regarding the Quaid-e-Azam and Pakistan Independence Day on 14 th August, 2007. The Chief Guest of the day has inaugurated the Book Fair Exhibition in the Central Library.
Letters/Circulars/Meetings    All these functions were supported and administered by a lot of letters/circulars and meetings.
Social Work Programme:
In the year 1953 a group of about thirty students of Islamia College (a constituent college of the University) undertook a campaign of anti-malaria DDT Spraying in association with the Public Heath Department.
The Report of the Commission on National Education contained a recommendation that activities broadly along these lines should be compulsory for all students, and hence a glorious tradition was established.
It is a requirement of the University that to earn a bachelors degree a student must have participated in social workfor at least two months.In 1952 Islamia College began to supply volunteer blood donors for the Lady Reading Hospital and has continued to do so regularly.
In November 1963 the present Volunteer Blood Donor Service was inaugurated on a University basis and is rendering valuable social service.
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