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S.NO.    Name of Institution    District    Discipline
1.    Frontier Law College    Peshawar    LL.B.
2.    Islamia Law College    Peshawar    LL.B.
3.    Peshawar Law College    Peshawar    LL.B.
4.    Jinnah Law College    Peshawar    LL.B.
5.    Institute of Legal Studies    Peshawar    LL.B.
6.    Supreme Law College    Peshawar    LL.B.
7.    Centre for Study Law and Democracy    Peshawar    LL.M.
8.    Quaid-e-Azam Institute of Legal Studies    Nowshera    LL.B.
9.    Mardan Law College    Mardan    LL.B.
10.    Swabi Law College    Swabi    LL.B.
11.    Kohat Law College    Kohat    LL.B.
12.    Muslim Law College    Swat    LL.B.
13.    Ayub Law College    Haripur    LL.B.
14.    Justice Law College    Abbottabad    LL.B.
15.    Women Law College    Abbottabad    LL.B.
16.    Abbot Law College    Mansehra    LL.B.
17.    Hira College of Education    Peshawar    B.Ed.
18.    Capital Institute of Education, Hayatabad.    Peshawar    B.Ed.
19.    Pakistan Postgraduate Institute, Hayatabad.    Peshawar    B.Ed.
20.    Islamia College of Education    Peshawar    B.Ed.
21.    Peshawar College of Education    Peshawar    B.Ed.
22.    Khyber Institute of Education    Peshawar    B.Ed.
23.    Army Public School and College    Peshawar    B.Ed.
25.    Bakhtawar College of Education    Peshawar    B.Ed.
26.    Mohammaden Inst. of Education    Nowshera    B.Ed.
27.    Mardan College of Education    Mardan    B.Ed.
28.    Sir Syed College of Education    Mardan    B.Ed.
29.    Alpha College of Education    Mardan    B.Ed.
30.    College of Education    Swabi    B.Ed.
31.    Avecenna College of Education    Dargai    B.Ed.
32.    Swat College of Education    Swat    B.Ed.
33.    Rubicon College of Education    Swat    B.Ed.
34.    Sir Syed College of Education    Kohat    B.Ed.
35.    Dawn College of Education    Hangu    B.Ed.
36.    Institute of Education    Karak    B.Ed.
37.    Hazara College of Education    Abbottabad    B.Ed.
38.    Jinnah College of Education    Mansehra    B.Ed.
39.    Frontier College of Business Education    Peshawar    B.Com.
40.    Peshawar College of Commerce and Business Administration    Peshawar    B.Com.
41.    Muslim College of Commerce, Faqirabad.    Peshawar    B.Com.
42.    Muslim Education Complex, Dalazak Road.    Peshawar    B.Com.
43.    Khyber College of Commerce and Managements.    Peshawar    B.Com.
44.    Professional College of Commerce and Management    Peshawar    B.Com.
45.    Islamia Institute of Business Education and Computer Science    Peshawar    B.Com.
46.    Abacus College of Business and Commerce    Peshawar    B.Com.
47.    Pakistan Degree Colllege of Commerce & Computer Science    Nowshera    B.Com.
48.    Swat College of Commerce Mingora    Swat    B.Com.
49.    Hazara College of Commerce    Abbottabad    B.Com.
50.    Emerson College of Business and Commerce.    Abbottabad    B.Com.
49.    Islamia Girls College    Peshawar    B.A./B.Sc.
50.    Amina Degree College for Women    Peshawar    B.A.
51.    Central Science College    Peshawar    B.Sc.
52.    Brain Institute of Computer Sciences    Peshawar    B.Sc./BCS & M.Sc. Mathematics
53.    Forward Degree College Hayatabad    Peshawar    B.A./B.Sc.
54.    Edwardes College    Peshawar    B.A./B.Sc. & BCS.
55.    Army Public School and Degree College    Peshawar    B.A./B.Sc.
56.    P.A.F. Degree College    Peshawar    B.A./B.Sc.
57.    Institute of Fine Arts    Peshawar    B.F.A./MFA
58.    Islamic Institute of Modern Studies    Peshawar    B.A./B.Sc.
59.    Center of Applied Epistemics    Peshawar    M.Sc(Comp.Sc.)
60.    Country Grammar School and College    Peshawar    B.A./B.Sc.
61.    Jinnah International College    Peshawar    B.A./B.Sc.
62.    Muslim College of Computer Sciences, Faqirabad    Peshawar    BCS
63.    Oriental Degree College    Peshawar    B.A./B.Sc.
64.    Aisha Institute of Modern Sciences for Girls    Peshawar    B.A./B.Sc.
65.    Pakistan Post-graduate Institute, Hayatabad    Peshawar    M.A. (English)
66.    Jinnah Medical College    Peshawar    M.B.B.S.
67.    Frontier Homoeopathic Medical College    Peshawar    B.H.M.S.
68.    Hayatabad Science College, Hayatabad    Peshawar    BCS
69.    Peshawar Business School    Peshawar    BBA/MBA
70.    Appostle Institute of Computer Science,    Nowshera Cantt.    B.Sc.
71.    City Degree College    Nowshera    B.A.
72.    Army Service Corps School    Nowshera    PG Diploma
73.    P.A.F. Degree College, Risalpur    Nowshera    B.A./B.Sc./BCS
74.    Nisar Shaheed College, Risalpur    Nowshera    B.A./B.Sc.
75.    Islamia Degree College for Girls.    Nowshera    B.A.
76.    Muslim Degree College    Nowshera    B.Sc.
77.    Pakistan Degree College    Nowshera    B.Sc.
78.    Defense college for Girls    Mardan    B.A./B.Sc.
79.    Mardan Model School and College.    Mardan    B.A./B.Sc.
80.    Mardan Institute of Technology and Management Sciences    Mardan    BCS
81.    Rubicon School and College Saidu Sharif.    Swat    B.A./B.Sc.
82.    Swat College of Information Technology and Computer Science    Swat    B.Sc.
83.    P.A.F. Degree College    Kohat    B.A./B.Sc.
84.    Comp. Tech. Computer Academy    Kohat    B.Sc.
85.    Zakia Memorial Girls College    Haripur    B.A.
86.    Sir Syed Girls Degree College    Haripur    B.A.
87.    Ayub Degree College    Haripur    B.A.
88.    Army Burn Hall College for Girls    Abbottabad    B.A/B.Sc./ M.A.(English )
89.    Modern Public School and College    Abbottabad    B.A.
90.    SALMAN Postgraduate College of Chemical and Social Sciences    Abbottabad    M.Sc. (Chemistry)
91.    Women Institute of Learning    Abbottabad    B. Pharmacy
M.Sc. Psychology.
92.    Women Institute of Learning,    Abbottabad    BCS
93.    Women Medical College    Abbottabad    M.B.B.S.
94.    Women Medical College of Dentistry    Abbottabad    B.D.S.
95.    Super tech. Institute of Computer Sciences    Islamabad    BCS (4 Year)
96.    Imperial Institute of Technology    Islamabad    BBA, MBA, BCS
97.    Armed Forces Medical College    Rawalpindi    B.Sc.Nursing


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