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DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACEUTICAL SERVICES Children's Hospital & the institute of Chi

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DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACEUTICAL SERVICES Children's Hospital & the institute of Child Health, Lahore

The department strives to provide Modern Pharmaceutical Services to masses through CH & ICH. The core objective is to make the best use of medication and maximize the treatment outcome to improve patients Quality Of Life.
The Pharmacies performing different functions are the following:

Central Pharmacy


    *  Medicines Store
    * Disposables store
    * SEMS Store: Ensures 24-hour supply of all medicine in A & E pharmacy and provision of Emergency Trolley medication to all patients in wards.

Inpatient Pharmacy:
To ensure supply of medicines & disposables to wards & ICUs.

Accident & Emergency Pharmacy:
Drug Delivery System through round the clock Accident & Emergency Pharmacy

OPD Pharmacy:
Skin Pharmacy: Involved in Extemporaneous compounding & dispensing of some essential skin preparations.

Government Model Pharmacy: One of the major achievements of Department of Pharmaceutical Services is establishment of one of the Pakistan’s first government owned retail pharmacy. This Govt. Model Pharmacy has been started and is being run with absolutely no funding from the government providing quality pharmaceuticals to patient at subsidized rates working on no profit no loss basis.