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Achievements of Department of Pharmaceutical Services Children's Hospital & the

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Achievements of Department of Pharmaceutical Services Children's Hospital & the institute of Child Health, Lahore

    *Development of Pharmacy & Therapeutic Committee:
            A Pharmacy & Therapeutic Committee has been established that comprises of all Department heads, Assistant & Associate Professors, Pharmacists and the administration. This committee actively participates in different Issues regarding provision of quality pharmaceutical care to patients.
    * Inventory Management:
                  Inventory Management is carried out for availability of life saving and essential       drugs as per hospital formulary, Development of Hospital Formulary through Pharmacy And Therapeutic Committee is done comprising of 250-300 essential medicines of pediatric use.
    *Drug Information Center:
                  A Drug Information Center is established providing unbiased information about medicine to health professionals, patients and care providers.
    *Academic Activities:
         The department is extensively involved in academic and developmental activities entertaining graduate and under graduate pharmacy students from all over Pakistan under a scheduled apprenticeship program. Formulation of different policies like Antibiotic policy, I/V admixtures and Disinfections Policies etc in collaboration with other departments is also done through Pharmacy &Therapeutic Committee.


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