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Special Clinical Services Children's Hospital & the institute of Child Health, L

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Special Clinical Services Children's Hospital & the institute of Child Health, Lahore

Aseptic Dispensing services:
            The Aseptic Dispensing Unit in Children’s Hospital was started in June, 2003. The services provided by this unit are the following:

1. Total Parenteral Nutrition(TPN) Service: This service is being provided to the neonatology unit (Medical neonatal ICU, Surgical Neonatal ICU, Neonatal Nursery Unit) & the Surgical ICUs. The clinical pharmacist visits wards to take clinical calls including those for Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN). This service includes receiving of TPN call against which prescribed protocol is followed for planning, prescribing, calculation and preparation. TPN solution is prepared under Laminar Flow Hood using strict aseptic conditions by the trained pharmacy personnel. It is dispensed to ward in well labeled container with proper nursing and prescribing instructions. These patients are then followed for further plans and monitoring.

2. Preparation of Amphotericin-B Infusion: Calls for preparation of Amphotericin-B    Infusions are received by the Pharmacist, calculated & orders are sent for preparation       of infusions in the aseptic area, according to the individualized requirements of patients.

Extemporaneous Dispensing Services:
Extemporaneous Compounding & dispensing is carried out through our Dispensing Unit that was started in the central pharmacy, has been recently shifted to the Hospital’s Diagnostic Block.

This unit is primarily providing preparations that are required in cases of metabolic disorders for example:

    *Sodium Benzoate Solution for Urea cycle defect and Hyperammonemia
    *Jouli’s Solution for Hypophosphatemial Rickets
    *Shohl’s Solution (Polycitra, Polycitra-K, and Bicitra) for renal tubular acidosis
      Other Preparations include:
    *Hydrosol, Eusol Solution used for wet dressings
    *Zinc Sulphate Sachets used in patients with zinc deficiency presenting with chronic diarrhea & other symptoms of malnutrition and patients with Wilsons disease.
    *Tablets Dilution Service: Solid Dosage forms (tablets & Capsules) of potent drugs like digoxin, Sildenafil, Indomethacin, Spiromide etc. are crushed & diluted with a compatible diluent using geometric mixing technique in order to ensure dosage accuracy in case of minute strengths of these drugs specifically required for Paediatric Cardiology Unit.
    *Oral Morphine & Paracetamol suspension
    * Skin Pharmacy is a small scale-manufacturing unit situated in Skin OPD which dispenses different skin preparations like ointments creams and different emollients.


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