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دفاعی پیداوار كی فیكٹریاں

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دفاعی پیداوار كی فیكٹریاں
« on: November 15, 2007, 07:54:18 PM »

وزارت دفاعی پیداوار كے تحت ٹیكسلا میں ہیوی مكینیكل كمپلیكس اور ہیوی الیكٹریكل كمپلیكس واہ سنجوال اور ہری پور میں اسلحہ سازی كی فیكٹریاں اور كامرہ میں ایرو نائیكل كمپلیكس قائم ہے۔میٹرك پاس نوجوانوں كو ان اداروں میں بطور اپرنٹس یا ہیلپر ملازمت كے مواقع مل سكتے ہیں ۔

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Re: دفاعی پیداوار كی فیكٹریاں
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2008, 01:23:42 PM »
Heavy Mechanical Complex (Private) Limited Taxila Pakistan

   Heavy Mechanical Complex (Private) Limited is a leading engineering goods manufacturing enterprise in Pakistan located at Taxila about 30 Kilometers north of capital Islamabad. It is a professionally managed progressive organization with over 160,000 sq. meters covered facilities and 1,100 employees.

    HMC have the resources to handle large projects with demanding delivery schedules. Being the largest and most extensive fabrication and machining facility equipped with state of the art technology. HMC provide manufacturing services both on our own or customers design.

    HMC have gained rich experience in designing and manufacturing of large projects through collaboration with internationally reputed engineering organizations. All its processing facilities are in-house  including Designing,

    Fabrication, Machining, Iron and Steel Castings, Forgings, Heat Treatment, Assembly, Sand Blasting, Painting and Galvanizing etc.

    HMC is ISO 9001 certified and is authorised to use 4 ASME stamps U, U2, S & PP for equipment manufactured according to ASME code. The manufecturing is backed by excellent quality control and testing facilities to meet the product and customer quality requirments. 3rd party inspection facilities are also available, where required.

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Re: دفاعی پیداوار كی فیكٹریاں
« Reply #2 on: April 25, 2008, 01:30:31 PM »
Facilities Heavy Mechanical Complex
    *  Design Center
    * Fabrication
    * Machining
    * Steel Foundry
    * Iron Foundry
    * Hydraulic Press
    * Die Forge
    * Quality Control

Design Center

    * Established in 1970
    * About 100 highly qualified and experienced design engineers are engaged in designing.
    * Equipped with latest CAD tools (See Hardware & Software).
    * About 132 node local area network.
    * Complete design coherence
    * Integration through management information system.
    * Design plant & machinery including cement, sugar, thermal & hydro power plants, chemical, oil & gas processing plants, boilers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, cranes, road construction machinery, steel structure, piping, ducting and other similar heavy engineering equipment. (See product ranges). For further information if required please contact us.


File Server (Netware)    01
File Server (NT)    01
Back up Station    01
LAN Nodes    136
CAD Stations    70
Internet/Fax Station    01
Scanners          - AO    01
                             - A4    01
AO Plotter         - Inkjet    02
                             - Pen    01
Laser Printers    04
Dot Matrix Printer    05
Color Printers  - A3    01
Facsimile    01

Auto CAD    For drawings/drafting
Pro-pipe    Piping drawings & isometrics
Pro-Flow    PFD, P&ID
PRO-PLANT    Plant layout/Steel structure drawings
Ansys 5.0    FEM Analysis
Sap 386    FEM Analysis
Caesar II    Piping drawings & isometrics
Chem Cad III    Process Design
Tri-Vessel    Pressure Vessel Design
Pro-Vessel    Pressure Vessel Design
Tri-Tank 650    Tank Design on API 650
Tri-Tank 620    Tank Design on API620
Tri-Mech/Tri-Term    Heat Exchanger Design on TEMA
B-Jac    Air Heaters Design

In addition HMC has its in-house developed software for ducting, bucket elevators belt conveyors etc. and many other general purpose software/packages & Ianguages and compilers.

All the fabrication processing needs are available in-house which include; thermal and mechanical cutting, beveling, plate bending, hot and cold forming, SMAG,TIG,MIG,SAW Welding, stress relieving/heat treatment furnaces, abrasive blasting, painting and galvanizing.

The fabrication equipment particularly heavier ones are CNC type and others are conventional Facilities for fabrication of complete membrane wall for power plant, boilers are also available. Over 300 welders including 120 X-Ray Welders are employed.

The available facilities can cut plates by cold shearing/gas cutting. The maximum thickness of the plate that can be gas cut is 300 mm. Angles, bars, I-beams and other from sections can be cut by shearing or gas cutting. Plate bending/rolling facilities can bend/roll the plate upto 120 mm thickness and 4000 mm width in cold condition and upto 250 mm in hot condition.

The dish end forming facilities can produce dish ends in spherical and elliptical shapes in cold forming condition upto 4000 mm dia and thickness 20 mm, hot forming of dish end upto dia 1372 mm and thickness 25mm.

Pipe bending upto dia 114 mm and 8 mm pipe thickness is possible.

The fabrication facilities is well backed up by NDT facilities to control the quality of the welds. The facility for heat treatment of the fabricated equipment can be done in available heat treatment furnaces. The size of the largest heat treatment furnace available is 15M x 5M x 4.5M. The facilities are used for manufacturing of fabricated equipment for various plants, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, tanks as per ASME codes in accordance with the HMC's own design or customer's design.

Die Forge
The shop is equipped with a 25 ton M.Steam Counterblow hammer, 3 ton, 1 ton steam drop hammers, 1000 ton, 400 ton, 160 ton trimming presses, 500 ton upset forging machine. Free forging steam hammers upto 3 ton capacity and pneumatic hammers upto 560 kg are available. Heating of stocks for forging is done in box type heating furnaces. Heating for upset forging is done in slot type furnace. Heat treatment of die forgings in carried out in furnaces equipped for this purposes.

The shop specialize in production of automotive die forged components in weight upto 150 kg a piece and steel balls upto 100 mm diameter.

The facility has the ability to machine castings, forgings, fabricated parts, sub assemblies and complete assemblies in accordance with the design requirements. The facility consists of varieties of machine tools capable of performing various machining operations such as turning, planning, milling, boring, drilling, deep hole drilling, gear hobbing, threading, slotting, spiral bevel cutting etc. to the close tolerate specified in the design. The facilities are capable of machining light, medium and heavy jobs for sugar, cement plants, construction parts for boilers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, road construction machinery, equipment for process industry, power plants and parts for other equipment.

The machining capability includes conventional machine tools as well as CNC machines. The maximum machining capacities available are as follows :
Horizontal Turning    Max.4.5M dia x 12M length x 110 ton wt.
Vertical Turning    Max.16.0 M dia x 6.5 M height x 320 ton wt.
Planning Capacity    Max.2.5 M dia x 8 M length x 40 ton wt.
Plano Milling Boring & Drilling    Max.12M length x 6 M width x 3.2M height x 150 ton wt.
Gear Hobbing    Capacity 32 Module x 4 M dia
Spiral Bevel Cutting    Capacity 16 Module x 0.8 M dia

Complete machining line for all types of Railway Axles. Heat treatment furnaces for normalizing, annealing, hardening and tempering processes are also available.

A format quality control section ensures that all the specifications and tolerances in machined parts are met.
For further details, please contact us.

Steel Foundry & CC Plants
The Steel foundry is equipped with 2x15 toms and 1x 3 tons electric arc furnace (EAF), 1.5 ton induction furnace, sand preparation system, mechanised moulding system, moulding machines, heat transfer and heating furnaces.

Single castings of liquid weight of upto 50 tons can be produced. Ingot of weight upto 35 tons be cast.

Carbon, machines alloy, high alloyed steel, tort steel can be produced to requirements.

Continuos billets caster of 60,000 tons per annum capacity can produce billets 100x100, 125x125 & 150x150 mm

Iron Foundry
The foundry is equipped with three hot blast 5 ton cupolas and two main frequency induction furnaces of 1.5 ton and 0.75 ton respectively. Iron castings in various shapes and grades including S.G. Iron upto approximately 25 tons a piece and copper or Aluminum castings upto 2000 kg a piece can be produced as per customer's requirements.

The iron foundry specialize in producing casting of sugar rolls, ingot moulds, wear resistance, iron castings such as high chrome lining plates, high chrome grinding media balls for cement and mining industries and grey S.G. Iron casting for general purpose. A quick analysis laboratory is located in the foundry for quality control purposes.

Hydraulic Press
The shop is equipped with a 3150 ton hydraulic forging press, 80 ton overhead forging crane, 10 ton forging manipulator, overhead travelling cranes having maximum lifting capacity of 50 ton. A number of ingot heating and car bottom and shaft type heat treatment furnaces, oil & water quenching tanks are available for meeting the annealing, normalizing, hardening/ quenching requirements. The heaviest ingot that can be forged is of 50 tons weight.

The shop specialize in manufacturing shaft forgings, ring, rolls/rollers for bloom/billet mills, continuous slab casters and other rolls as per customer's specifications.

Quality Control
Inspection and testing is carried out as per the procedures established for ISO 9001 QA System and ASME Code procedures. The inspection & testing activities are well backed up with the following facilities :

Non Destructive Examination    The facility consists of VT, UT,MT,PT,RT(Max 80mm thickness).
Material Testing Lab    The laboratory has the facility for checking chemical analysis of iron and steels, non ferrous metals by spectrographic and wet chemical methods. Metallographic Examination, Mechanical testing.
Instrument Calibration Laboratory    This laboratory has facilities for calibration of measuring and testing devices such as pressure testing gauges, thermocouple, temperature recorders, measuring devices.