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International Islamic University hold International Moot on “POWER GENERATION”

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International Islamic University hold International Moot on “POWER GENERATION”
The Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) of the International Islamic University, Islamabad is organizing its First four days International Conference on “Power Generation Systems and Renewable Energy Technologies” on November 29th to December 2, 2010. The event is a part of university’s Silver Jubilee (1985-2010) celebrations being organized in 2010. We have invited Dignitaries, Ambassadors, Senators, MNAs and many others to become part of our various silver jubilee activities, dually organized by all Departments of the university. We have planned number of social, technical, academic and Islamic events (from March till December 2010).

This Silver Jubilee event of International Conference on Energy will promote industry-university coordination and will set a futuristic course of action between the two identities. This gathering will also help for the exchange of know- how, new ideas, interaction of experts and scholarly discussions to high light various achievements in the energy fields. The energy industry, the power generating companies, organizations and many Institutions will join us in this conference plus they will put up their industrial stalls to display energy generating products for the participating professionals, experts, academia and R&D students. The International Islamic University also provides academic back-up to the industrial & commercial organizations; hence this event will provide a good opportunity of exploring the possibilities of strengthening this back up and an active collaboration of IIUI with all types of energy organizations/industry.

The foreign and Pakistani experts will be invited to deliver their Keynote talks, contributory lectures and poster presentations on the conference topics. Many energy topics are selected to elaborate on the theme of this conference that is on power generation systems and technologies. This conference offers an opportunity for engineers, scientists, professionals, policymakers, investors and other parties to review recent developments taking place all over the world on energy. The conference topics beside hydro power, nuclear power and fossil fuel power will also include subjects like: Energy applications of nanotechnologies, green power energy, bio-fuels energy, sustainable energy, solar energy, wind power energy, clean energy, renewable energy as well as climate change effects on different types of energies. All these topics are important for development of the economy of a country. Today, the world’s oil, gas and coal energy supply has proven to be contributors to our environmental problems. Since exhaustible energy supplies (oil, gas and coal) are limited, there is an urgent need to focus attention on development of alternate and renewable energy sources plus their use with the efficient technologies. With increasing scope, scale, research and development the costs of renewable energy technologies will come down. It is estimated that renewable energy could contribute at least half of all electric power in large economies in the future. The renewable energy will drive world’s economic system, its present share rose to about 15 to 20% in 2008 with an estimated investment reaching to the tune of USD 100 to 130 billion.

The outcome of the lectures, expert discussions, presentations and latest R&D findings on different power generation systems and technologies will help our societies in Asia, and particularly in Pakistan, to get rid of energy crises and power shortages. The experts will help us during the proceedings of the conference and during the meetings with solutions on our industrial and domestic energy production goals. The young engineers/professionals will be given a chance to present their findings on the conference topics. Conference will provide an opportunity for everyone to come and join us in the day to day discussions, lectures, presentations with their new ideas covering everything from a micro project to a mega project on energy. The conference theme covers as many topics as possible, under different fields of electricity/power generation, sustainable, as well as, renewable systems and technologies.

The following are the major topics of the conference:

   1. Hydro power generation systems and technologies
   2. Renewable Energy
   3. Solar power generation systems and technologies
   4. Energy Systems and Technology
   5. Fossil fuels power generation systems and technologies
   6. Nuclear power generation systems and technologies
   7. Energy Applications of Nanotechnology
   8. Other topics related to energy and power generation

The papers will be based on all the topics related to the objectives of the conference. The technical papers will be accepted up to 8 pages on A-4 size sheets, this should include figures and tables. All the authors are requested to send one original hard copy plus a soft copy on CD to Conference Secretariat address; also send one copy by E-mail (electronically) to . The paper format will be used as described by the IEEE journal. The outcome of the conference will be broad based for the public sector as well as private enterprises; the benefits will be equally achieved by all the concerned parties, whether local or international. We definitely will need sponsors for this conference, to meet its expenditure which will be in the tune of 20 million rupees. The sponsors will be recognized/put on all conference literature as well as in the proceedings book. The deadline for receiving the abstracts is August 31, 2010; whereas full manuscript (paper) submission is required by September 30, 2010.


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