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No  account  ?relationresultRegister nowrelationresultIfeng.comhome , relationresultMobile , relationresultSpecial scheme:to  reform again  starting  Phoenix video  NPC and CPPCC  special program: the  reform  need  to  walk out of  Deng Xiaoping  Deng Xiaoping  .
relationresultChinesesee the  NPC and CPPCC  documentary series  of  NPC and CPPCC  before  2012  ,  hundreds of  people  in the streets  of dialogue  ,exploring  their  perceptions  of  NPC and cppcc  .
Civil  public interest  is the  charity  help straw  2012  NPC and CPPCC  free talk  second period,  pay close attention to  Chinese  charity  move toward he fang  .relationresultName:T  T   , relationresult0ginseng  and  0 main  comments , relationresult0 comment0 general  review , relationresultPrintrelationresultForwardrelationresultBy the CroatiaWriters Association  ,people  China Ministry of education,  humanities and social science key research  base of  China  Poetry  Research Center  of Capital Normal University  ,reads the poem  Poetry  Quarterly  jointly organised by the  &ldquo  ;2011  g  poet  exchange visits  the project &rdquo  ;,from November 21, 2011 to  December 4th,  which lasted 15  days,  end satisfactorily  .
 , relationresultThe projectinto two  stages: initial  (  2011  November  &mdash  21-24  )  ;&mdash  ;Croatia  poet  Kou Boga Ma  ,(  Marko  Pogacar  )  ,Wan He  (  Ivan  Herceg  )  to the  policy  ,cultural  visits  ,exchanges  ,by the Capital Normal University  China  Poetry  Research Center  reception  .
The late  (  November 28, 2011 -  December 4th)  &mdash  ;&mdash  ;Chinese  poet  Murphy  ,Mindy  ,Sun Xiaoya in Croatia,  capital of  Zagreb for  cultural visits  ,exchanges  ,by the Croatia  Writers Association  reception  .
 , relationresultThetwo important  activities  is &ldquo  ;poetic  voice  &mdash  ;&mdash  ;young  poet  International Symposium  &rdquo  ;and &ldquo  ;the first Beijing International  Poetry  Qunying  poetry recital  &rdquo  ;.
 , relationresultThe afternoon of November 23rd,the international culture building  in  Capital Normal University  to hold &ldquo  ;poetic  voice  &mdash  ;&mdash  ;&rdquo  International  Symposium  in  the young poet  ;.
From Croatia  ,Macedonia and other  central European  regions of the  young  poet and  active in  the  poetry of China  more than 20  poet  ,poetry review  ,poetry  sound  around the &ldquo  ;&rdquo  ;topics such as  enthusiastic and  thorough discussion  .
Seminar  by the Capital Normal University  research center of Chinese poetry  full-time  researcher  associate professor Sun Xiaoya  and  poetry  Poetry  Quarterly  one of chief editor  ,poet Shu Cai  joint planning  ,hosting  .
&ldquo  ;G  poet  exchange visits  project &rdquo  ;planner  ,poet  Ming  Di  ,as  this exchange  project  related poetry  text translation  and  translation  .The  poet  ,poem critics  and  Wan He  plan  (  Ivan  Herceg  )  ,Georgia  Kou Boga  ,MA  (  Marko  Pogacar  )  ,Vladimir  Martin  Janowski  (  Vladimir  Martinovski  )  ,Xi Chuan  ,Wang Jiaxin  ,Murphy  ,Li Li  ,Hu Xudong  ,Jing Wendong  ,West  ,Jiang Tao  ,Lu  ,cream  ,Li Runxia  ,about  Zhang Jieyu  ,Zhang Taozhou  ,Xu Junguo  ,lying  ,Wang Dongdong  ,Zhang Guangxin  ,Li Zhenyu  ,(  Han  )  etc.
  .Participants not only  around the &ldquo  voice &rdquo  ;poetry  ;this  theme undertook  sufficient delibrate  ,respectively in  their  contemporary poetry,  the main creative  phenomenon and problem  in dialogue  .
Seminar  is  compact  ,explores the problem of  multivariate  and deep  . , relationresultLate on November 23rd,&ldquo  ;the first Beijing International  Poetry  Qunying  poetry recital  in  &rdquo  ;Capital Normal University  Library report  hall  .
Croatia Ambassador  Andrew  West  monic  (  Ante  Simonic  )  ,Secretary Eva  Poulet  horse  Coase  (  Iva  Plepikos  )  ,Macedonian  Ambassador  Oliver  sand  Mo  owe Weiss  base  (  Oliver  Shambevski  )  ,wife of the ambassador  Ma Gedi Cosmo  owe Weiss  card  (  Magdica  Shambevska  )  ,Capital Normal University  Party committee secretary  Zhang Xue attended the  recital  .
Readings  from the Capital Normal University  research center of Chinese poetry  full-time  researcher Sun Xiaoya  associate professor of  planning  ,organization  ,the Poetry  Center Director Zhao Minli professor  and vice director  Professor Wu Sijing  for Congress respectively  opening  words and  words of thanks  .
In  recital  and  poets  :Wang Jiaxin  ,Yi  Wan He CE  lattice  (Ivan  Herceg  )  ,Lu Wei  ,Li Li  ,Shu Cai  ,Vladimir,  Martin  Janowski  (  Vladimir  Martinovski  )  ,about  West  Lu  ,cream  ,Kou Boga  ,Ma  ,(  Marko  Pogacar  )  ,Zhou Qingrong  ,Fei love  children  ,spirit burning  ,Tai  ,Amauri  ,basket  Xu Junguo  ,Li Runxia  ,Li  Ya  (  Germany  )  ,lying  ,Mindy  ,Wang Dongdong  ,husband of  Li Zhenyu  (  Han  )  ,Murphy  etc  .
Reading  was a great success  .During his stay in Beijing  ,the  Poetry  Center  ,has  led the Croatia  poet to  Songzhuang  ,Capital Normal University  ,Beijing  798 Art District  ,the Imperial Palace  ,the Great Wall  and other places  of cultural  visit  .
 , relationresultLateexchange visits  are also divided into two parts  .relationresultOne,colleges and universities in Croatia  to carry out academic exchanges  .Late on November 30, 2011  ,by the Croatia  Writers Association  and University of Zagreb  jointly organized the  Chinese  visiting  poet  and academic lectures  .
Murphy  ,Mindy  ,Sun Xiaoya respectively  to  poetry  ,translation  ,Chinese classical poetry image  ,artistic conception  and other topics as  students  and  Chinese  lovers  do  live lecture  ,three poets  read  their own  poems  at last  .
Enthusiastic audience response  ,interaction  effect is very good  .The  seminar  is  chaired  the Croatia poet  menoir  Slavic  Keeling  (  Miroslav  Kirin  )  ,Croatia  University of Zagreb,  India and Far East  Department of  history teachers in  China  clay  cable  jurak  (  Kreso  Jurak  )  .
In  the  seminar  and  China  Hanban  sent to Croatia  Chinese teacher  ,Cui Guangying  Wang Qiaolan  . , relationresultOn December 1, 2011,Murphy  ,Mindy  ,Sun Xiaoya went to  Lee  day  card  (  Rijeka  )  ,the activities of the day  by Croatia  president of the writers  ,and  cards,  University  of director of center of culture of  pride  Sue Starr  (Predrag  Sustar  )  accompanied  .
Morning,  Lee  day  card  two university  vice president  Shen Ri  charna  (  Snjezana  )  and  Damir  Zeke  (  DamirZec  )  warm  reception  three Chinese poets  ,and the  school education system  ,exchange possibilities  ,center of  development  the problem such as the mechanism  to discuss  .
Afternoon in  the school  arts college  academic report hall  ,the president of the writers  from Croatia  ,Lee  day  card  University  Cultural Center Director  planet  Ragnar  sue Starr  (  Predrag  Sustar  )  presided over the  Chinese  poet  visiting  academic exchanges  .
Murphy  ,Mindy  ,Sun Xiaoya as a  cultural center and the  College of liberal arts  students  recited  their poems  .Subsequently,  the students  Chinese  poetry  development course  ,current and  new  differences  ,their  creation concepts and practice  ,the significance of  poetry  writing  ,three poets of  the details of works  with regard to the  three poets  to consult  ,Murphy  ,Mindy  ,Sun Xiaoya fuller  Fuller  to give the answer  .
 , relationresultIn two,a poetry recital  .Late on December 2, 2011  ,by Croatia  writers  organization &ldquo  ;literature night  &rdquo  ;poetry readings,  in a square in downtown Zagreb  bookstore  for Czech  Wacker  (  Ljevak  )  held  .
Croatia  Association  for  three Chinese poets  produced  exquisite  collection of  books  ,printed in  Croatia and English language  .Recital  by Croatia famous  poet  Tommy  carbachol  Jhansi  (  Tomica  Bajsic  )  odd  chair  ,for  the completion of the Croatia  state radio interview  ,Croatia  poet  menoir  Slavic  Keeling  (  Miroslav  Kirin  )  field  respectively to the  three poets  presents several problems,  Chinese  poet  answer after  the Croatia Writers Association  ,Secretary of  Changan Na  (  Ana  )  with  Croatia -  Reading  the three poet    ,and then  the three poet  in Chinese reading  .
The  Croatia poets  in  recital and  nearly 20  ,they were  recited  their poems  ,spot atmosphere is enthusiastic  ,and peaceful  .In the evening,  in the  reading  field  ,the Croatia Writers Association  as the  poet  has  held a small  photography exhibition  .
While in Croatia,  the Croatia Writers Association  also arrange  Chinese  poet  to Zagreb  library  as well as  the baroque style  of the ancient city of  Varazdin  (  Varazdin  )  and sixteen  Lakes National Park  and  cultural  visit  .
 , relationresultPoetrywithout borders  ,Croatia  poet  poetry  will be  closely linked together  .&ldquo  ;2011  g  poet  exchange visits  the project &rdquo  ,poet  ;for promoting bilateral  exchanges  ,explore  each other  works  provide a valuable  platform  for the two  poets  ,understand and  feel the different culture  environment and the  local customs and practices  created a rare  opportunity  .
 , relationresultThis exchangeprogram has been  the embassy  support  ,exchanging  poets  respectively  with resident  ambassador and  Cultural Counselor  meeting  conversation  ,as the Croatia  poet  menoir  Slavic  Keeling  (  Miroslav  Kirin  )  said  :time is too  short,  the next  time  may be appropriately extended  visits  ,in order to  further  exchanges  .