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Lahore College for Women University Group Exhibition

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Lahore College for Women University Group Exhibition
« on: June 26, 2013, 08:49:41 AM »
Lahore College for Women University Group Exhibition
Lahore:26 June: As many as 55 miniatures and oil paintings by Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) students are on display at a group exhibition titled, Evolving Nine, at the Alhamra Arts Gallery on The Mall.
Zara Tahir, whose work Fate through Tarot Cards is being displayed at the exhibition, says “destiny and fate are important elements in our lives.”
“It is in our hands to change our fate through our deeds,” she says. “I have created my own symbols and each of my canvases is a tarot card…I want to present these on canvas,” she says.

Sobia Maqsood, a miniature artist, says Mughal miniatures inspire her.

“In addition to reflecting the Mughal era, my paintings also show how socio-economic and politics of the time affect my characters,” she says.

Amna Ahmad, whose Reflection of Subconscious through doodling is on display, says her oil paintings are based on the subconscious as it “facilitates an active mediation.”

“The doodling can give us an insight into our deepest thoughts and feelings…Usually we are only half conscious of what we are drawing…our inner preoccupations surface on canvas,” she says.

Ahmad says a creation “totally free” from the influences of the conscious mind of an artist is “true art.”

“My work is based on my own experiences, ups and downs, and the circumstances I have faced,” says Palwsha Javed, whose miniatures are also on display.

Iqra Tariq says her work is inspired by a “lost generation which divulges the cultural conventional consequence of our society.”

Sundus Rafi, whose work Stepping into Peace is on display, says the diverse Buddhist tradition, its mudras and concept of inner peace are the bases of her journey to self-discovery through art.Dawn.
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