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Pakistan Air Force پاكستان ائیر فورس

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Pakistan Air Force پاكستان ائیر فورس
« on: November 15, 2007, 05:50:54 PM »

Pakistan Air Force
ذہین صحت مند اور آگے بڑھنے كے خواہش مند نوجوانوں كے لیے پاكستان ائیر فورس میں بہت اچھے مواقع موجود ہیں ۔وہ نوجوان جنہوں نے میٹرك سائنس ٠٧ فیصد سے زیادہ نمبر لیے ہوں ان كے لئے پاكستان ائیر فورس میں بطور پائلٹ شامل ہونے كے بہت اچھے مواقع موجود ہوتے ہیں ۔یاد ركھیں كہ پاكستان ائیر فورس میں بطور پائلٹ شامل ہونے كے لیے آپ كو ایك بہت سخت مقابلے كا امتحان پاس كرنا ہوگا جس میں ملك بھر سے ہر سال ہزاروں میٹرك پاس نوجوان شامل ہوتے ہیں ۔بطور پائلٹ ائیر فورس میں شمولیت كے لیے طریق كار حسب ذیل ہیں

Training in Pakistan Air Force

With an aspiration to achieve excellence, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) selects young men and women with budding credentials. From a pilot officer to the higher echelons, immensely consequential responsibilities are entrusted to the individuals. This task is accomplished through a thorough system of training, which caters for specialized knowledge about the world, military tactics, and material sciences. The training imparted to the PAF personnel from day one and onwards, throughout their career progression, is most precisely carved and tailored to make them a whole person.
The overall training system of the Pakistan Air Force can be divided into two mainstreams i.e., training of officers and training of airmen. Over the years, the training system in the PAF has evolved into a smooth and streamlined procedure, which aims to train the selected ones for air operations and ground support. Presently, large number of training institutions are functioning under the Training Branch. The standard of training maintained in the PAF is recognized all over the world. It is this trustworthy repute that today the Pakistan Air Force has the credit of providing initial and specialized training to the personnel of over thirty allied countries including:

Saudi Arabia
Sri Lanka

Innumerable opportunities await officers to further their Education after initial training at the PAF Academy. Professional courses pertaining to flying, engineering, air defence and miscellaneous types are offered to the officers during their career. Similarly, career courses are designed for a steady progress to the higher ranks such as the Basic Staff Course and Junior Command & Staff course for junior officers, Senior Command and Staff Course for mid career officers and Air War Course for the senior officers.

To equip its personnel with appropriate knowledge and skills, the Training Branch of the PAF ensures that the responsibility of preparing the Air Warriors of Pakistan is entrusted to highly qualified, experienced and devoted instructors. Thus the overall conducive environment of learning, modern teaching equipment and sound teaching methodology at the PAF training institutions, makes the PAF an elite force, whose personnel have vowed to defend the aerial frontiers of Pakistan. There is no doubt that PAF has produced and is still producing men with an extraordinary precision, whose vision is vast enough to encompass the slightest stir of its enemy.
Training Institutes
   Air War College
   College of Flying Training (CFT)
   College of Aeronautical Engineering (CAE)
   Flying Instructors School (FIS)
   Transport Conversion School (TCS)
   Helicopter Flying School (HFS)
   Air Defence Training School (ADTS)
   Air Defence System School (ADSS)
   Institute of Air Safety (IAS)
   Aero-Medical Institute (AMI)


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