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Australian education office exhibition held in Islamabad

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Australian education office exhibition held in Islamabad
« on: January 24, 2009, 01:41:07 PM »
Australian education office exhibition held in Islamabad

Islamabad: Australian Education Office organised an educational exhibition at a local hotel to apprise Pakistani students about the education opportunities in Australia, says a press release issued here Friday.

Representatives of 12 colleges and universities from Australia were present on the occasion and 502 students visited the place to learn about new avenues for learning.

The basic purpose of the exhibition was to create awareness about Australian colleges and universities among the young aspirants and to guide them towards a promising educational career leading to a bright future.

Presence of 12 colleges and universities on this occasion show that the educational institutions at Australia recognise the potential and zest in our young generation. In addition to this students in such a mentionable number show that they are keen to quench their scholarly thirst and desire to go Australia for higher education.

If our students go to Australia it would be fruitful not only for them but it will bring both countries closer. Exhibition and events of this type are a very positive and constructive activities regarding the future of youth that is to bring out a bright tomorrow for the country and nation. The News

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