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Nust offers to relocate affected software firms


علم دوست:
Nust offers to relocate affected software firms

Islamabad: NUST has offered to relocate temporarily the affected software industrial partners who suffered in the recent suicide attack at Marriott hotel. It is worth mentioning that the major software houses were located in the Evacuee Trust Complex adjacent to Marriott hotel, namely KMKR, Siemens, Motorola, Mondo, GEO PAQ, Touchstone Communications, OVEX Technologies, Microsoft, BrightSpyre, Ministry of IT, PSEB, Jin Technologies, Kaptec, Ikonomi, Bentley, PRAL, Inbox, CISCO, and Pakistan Tobacco, who are in a dire need to shift elsewhere. NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS) while expressing condolence and commiserations on the tragic deaths of the employees of some of these companies has offered them to utilize its available free space as a stop-gap arrangement, as gesture of goodwill. Ikonomi, Kaptec and Jin Technologies have already moved to SEECS campus till the recovery of their own infrastructure at Islamabad. The News


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