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NUST Professor Gives idea for Power Generation through still Water


NUST Professor Gives idea for Power Generation through still Water
Islamabad May 07:Dr. Ehsan Ali, Associate Professor at the Centre for Advance Studies in Energy, National University of Sciences and Technology, has given an idea to promote wind energy in low/high windy areas using standing water, says a press release.
He has propounded the trend setting idea of using wind-water hybrid system for power generation using still water.
Keeping in view the current energy crisis and threatening depletion of fresh water resources, it can be assessed that this concept can play a pivotal role in producing electricity at cheaper rates without any environmental threats and wastage of water. The proposed wind and water hybrid system is based on the concept of tides/waves in ocean that are naturally generated due to fast wind speed.


Pakistan has numerous sites with standing water reserves, where the average wind speed is about 10Km/hour or more. Some of these sites include Mangla, Tarbela, Kallar Kahar etc. In agreement with the idea published by Dr. Ehsan Ali in an international journal, any artificial or natural water reserve in low windy areas (about 10 km/h) can be used to produce electricity by multiplying wind speed through artificially designed conical wind tunnel, touching water with narrow opening and pushing water to some elevated platform. The water in elevated platform can then be used to produce electricity using hydro turbines. The water used in the entire process is recycled at the end, which essentially means there is no wastage of water.
The idea was designed based on a previously published report which suggested that a wind speed 51-61Km/h can create waves of 4m height in the open ocean (Beaufort Scales-Wind Speed http://www.unc.edu/~rowlett/units/scales/beaufort.html).
This innovative technology can contribute well in promoting existing technologies, including wind energy, hydel energy, and tidal energy, and can help Pakistan in dealing with the current energy crisis.The news.


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