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BE(computer Systems) in which specialization should take for my future



بلوچستان سے ایک معزز ممبر نے مجھے سے یہ سوال کیا ہے ۔ چونکہ مجھے اس کے بارے میں زیادہ علم نہیں اس لیے اس کو یہاں پوسٹ کررہی ہوں ۔  اگر کسی کے پاس اس کا جواب ہو تو ارسال کردیں ۔

Dear  Iram
            I am the studnet of BE(computer Systems) in
Balochistan Universty of Engg: & Tech: Khuzdar.
I am in second year .I have a problem which is that
being a computer engineer in which specialization should take for my future.
           hopefully you will help me in this problem
           sais khan

you can do lot of thing but it good to you to go furher study in canada they are offering 3 years work permit, after finished ur MS u will be get immigartion to canada,
u can log in

Its depands on you .......... If you are interested in programming than do some programming languages like , C# .net along with these learn some database eg;  Oracle & SQL Server . you can start a good career with these tools in future you can go futher towords some ERP applications.

if you are intersted in networks than Windows Network (MCSE) is a good start there are lot of ebooks & CBTs are available on internet you can use that ............... in future you can move toword internetworking certification (CCNA, CCNP, CCIE).

If u need any futher information you can reach me at

Qamar Abbas
BCS(Hons), CCNA, MCTS, MCSE2003 , MCSA2003
System Administrator
Green Fields Agriculture Co


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